What we like about Mac OS Mojave

Here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey, we like all kinds of operating systems. We like Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Chrome OS and Mac OS. It is this latter that we are going to discuss today as there has been a new OS version released called Mojave.

Mac OS Mojave is more interesting than usual because it includes some new features. Usually, Mac OS updates are about fixing, streamlining and making the OS easier to use. Mojave brings some new features to the table and we like them.

Dark Mode

I’m a real fan of dark modes. My blog images of Windows are in dark mode. I find it easier on the eyes and better to use in bright sunshine. Apple obviously thinks so too as Mac OS brings a dark mode in Mojave. As the name suggests, dark mode turns everything black or dark gray. I have already enabled it and I like it!

Desktop Stacks

My Mac is often utilized as a productivity machine doing accounts, looking at fault tickets, writing these blog posts and generally managing the business. That means the desktop can get a little cluttered and is why I like the new Desktop Stacks. It organizes all my desktop files into stacks that I can select and see what’s inside before opening. I can then select a file within the stack to open it. Once finished, I close it and it goes back to the stack.

It is simple but very effective. Select View and Use Stacks to get it working.

Continuity Camera

The new Continuity Camera function is very neat too. If you use an iPhone to take pictures and want them copied across so you can view or edit them, this new feature is going to go down very well. Just connect your iPhone to your Mac, right click the desktop, select Import from iPhone or iPad and select Scan Documents. Whatever images you have on your iPhone will be immediately copied to your Mac.

New Mac App Store

There is a new look App Store in Mojave. It has seen a serious graphical upgrade and is now much more usable than the old version. It is easier to browse, search and find what you’re looking for. There also seem to be more apps too, including from the larger tech companies. Spending time in the App Store is no longer the chore it used to be!

Better security

Mac OS Mojave also brings better security. It will ask for permission more often when an app or function has access to your data. It will also protect your files better. Safari has had some security updates, the camera and microphone will now ask for permission and the entire OS has apparently seen security upgrades.

Mac OS Mojave is available now. If you have any issues with the installation we can help. The computer repair guys at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey can help with any computer or networking issue you may have. Bring your computer to our store and we will see what we can do!