When Should You Update Your Laptop?

Deciding whether or not to update or upgrade a laptop is a huge decision for many businesses and it can be quite a complicated one if you aren’t sure what you need or if you actually need anything new at all. You may have to do hours and hours of research and that is certainly something to consider.

In most cases, updating a laptop is the best option. That way, you can make the changes to the things that you do not like about your laptop and keep what you do like.

If your laptop isn’t working for you, avoid spending the time and effort of buying something entirely new. instead, you can upgrade what you have so that it works in your favor. Here are some of our favorite places to start:

What To Update If Your Laptop Is Too Slow

The main reason many people want to upgrade their laptops is that it is just too slow to function. Mainly, this is determined by the CPU and the RAM. You can upgrade your laptop by updating these components, but it certainly isn’t something easy to do – though it will make the biggest impact. Sometimes, the components are damaged and that makes it tricky to take them out. You do have to know what you are doing and be gentle.

In general, the easier one to handle on your own is the memory. You can replace a bad memory stick or add more RAM by opening up the bottom of the laptop and simply doing it.

Update Your Laptop’s Storage

If you need more storage, you can consider adding an external hard drive to your laptop, which should expand the amount of space that you have. These hard drives are easy to use but they can be bulky and require you to back up on a regular schedule.

For those who have to travel for work and don’t want to add even more bulk to your bag, you can also replace the hard drive to get more storage. It is as simple as taking off the bottom and replacing it – but you do need to have the right tools.

Update Your Laptop Physically

Sometimes, problems can be caused by things that are physical to your laptop. If it just doesn’t look its best, you can clean it. Make sure to be gentle, but remove the dust, hair, and other gunk that can build up on the keyboard, vents, and ports. Just by doing this, your laptop will work better than before and won’t have to exert as much effort to do so.

Cleaning requires you to be careful and you should never use water to clean. Instead, use a cloth that is designed to clean off your computer. It is best to do this with the laptop turned completely off.

A good tip is that if you have a raised keyboard, you can use a sticky note to get under the keys.

update your laptop
Thinking about updating your laptop?

How To Update Your Laptop’s Screen

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you is when you have a broken laptop screen. It can be cracked, it may not respond to touch, or it just couldn’t work at all. Generally, a broken laptop screen can render the rest of your computer useless but it doesn’t have to. For the most part, repairing or replacing a laptop screen is not as expensive as you may think.

You can repair it on your own, but it can be quite tricky, especially for those who have more advanced screens that are touch. You can also fix this problem by simply attaching the laptop to a monitor on the side. However, you will not be able to move the laptop then without also moving the monitor.

Update the Computer’s Operating System

One thing people always misunderstand is how to upgrade their computer by simply upgrading the operating system. While most laptops are shipped with the newest operating system available, you are in charge of upgrading from there on out.

If you have an older laptop, you might not be able to upgrade to the newest system or it may not be advisable. Instead, you may want to stick with what you have so that it behaves as it should. You need to have at least enough room of storage and a fast enough CPU to handle the operating system. If you do upgrade those pieces, then you should be able to upgrade.

Typically, you can do some research online but be careful not to act before you’ve thought it through. You can cause your computer to become almost useless if you upgrade to a new system without having the proper requirements or even having “just enough” to make it possible. Sometimes, staying where you are is best until you can figure out some of the details.

Updating To New Accessories

Sometimes, people want to upgrade their laptops so that they can have additional features, like a CD drive or more ports. It is important to realize that not all laptops have these features anymore. You may want to look into other options if the rest of your laptop is just fine.

If you aren’t going to use these features all the time, you can simply get an external feature that will do the same thing for you.

If you have a laptop and it isn’t performing as you wish it would, do not simply start over with a brand new laptop. It is possible to make some cost effective changes that will help you to get exactly what you want out of it.

If your laptop is broken or has something that isn’t working properly, you may be able to have it fixed. Even if you think that everything is a loss, at Dave’s Computers, we can at least help you with data recovery and getting your lost work back.

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