4 Things To Look For In A New Mac

Sometimes when people buy a new laptop or computer, they don’t realize that there is more that goes into it than simply going to a local store and picking something out. Instead, it requires a bit of research, some hard choices, and maybe even testing a few different options out. One of the most common computer types we get questions about is the ever sought after Mac.

Now, many people think that Mac computers, no matter what type they are, will always have what you need. This isn’t true either: while Macs are great computers, there are some things that you certainly need to pay attention to before you make any buying decisions.

1. Do You Need Portability In A Mac?

One of the main considerations to make if you a purchasing a new Mac is just how portable the device is – after all, that is why most of us purchase laptops to begin with. There are MacBooks that are small, thin, and light. In fact, the 12 inch MacBook is extremely light, but you do have to make some sacrifices. Often, it results in lower battery life, fewer ports, and frugality – the smaller the laptop, the costlier it will be in many cases.

The MacBook Air is an extremely popular laptop because it is so light, but it actually isn’t the lightest model on the market today.

Remember when you are trying to find a laptop that is small, remember that the screen will sometimes not be as clear as some other options.

You have to think about what you will use your laptop for and whether or not the size of it really matters to its portability. Sometimes smaller laptops are fragile, so you may want to buy some accessories to help keep it safe.

2. Macs Have Industry-Best Battery Life: What Do You Need?

One thing that always seems to trip people up is battery life. The battery life of a laptop can mean the difference between getting work done on the commute home and sitting there in silence. The battery life of a MacBook Air is extremely high. Apple sometimes calls it the “All Day Battery” where you can, depending on what you are doing with the device, you can get up to 12 hours of usage without recharging.

It is probably worth pointing out that this is based on the tests from Apple and not anyone else, but most people claim to get over 10 hours with this laptop.

Battery life may not matter to you if you are at your office all day and you can just stay plugged into a power source. However, if you do travel a lot of want to get work done on your commute, battery life is certainly something that you may want to consider.

3. Best Option For Businesses

When trying to figure out which Mac will be better for your business, you want to think about a few different things. According to MacWorld, you will get the ever popular iWork for free when you buy any new Mac laptop, which means you will have access to Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications (the rivals to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

If you are working on your laptop a majority of the day, you may want to consider something that is just a bit bigger than your standard machine. There is a 15″ MacBook Pro that has some truly amazing space and screen large enough to have multiple windows open at the same time.

Most businesses, however, do well with the 13″ Pro, which has a larger number of ports, is easy to travel with, and has some great reviews.

4. Price of the Laptop

If you have to watch your budget (and who doesn’t) when it comes to buying a MacBook, then you may want to consider the cheapest model available (which is still a good enough model for most people), the 128GB, 13 inch MacBook Air. There are some problems to consider here (including some aging components), so if you have just a bit more money, you might want to get a different model or at least add some extras to help it run better.

Another option that you may want to consider is to look at refurbished Macs. These are Macs that have been taken and revamped and then sold at reduced prices. Now, you want to make sure that you go through trusted mediums like Apple’s refurbished store. Apple doesn’t put a product in that store unless it has been tested vigorously. In many cases, you will hardly be able to tell that you don’t have a new model.

Once you have your Mac, you need to take care of it. Since this is one of the biggest pieces of equipment you are likely to get for your business, you will want to ensure that you update it, scan it for viruses, and simply use the best tools with it.

At the end of the day, your decisions is your own: you have to buy the computer that you feel the most comfortable working with and using. If you have to buy a bunch of laptops or computers for your team, make sure to get input from them.

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