Computer Tips


Computers come in all forms: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We all know that computers are constructed of various electrical components and hardware that rely on sophisticated programming for functionality. But, how do computer systems actually work? First, there are input devices that provide the data to the computer. The most common input devices are … Read more

Add WiFi to Your Desktop PC

Laptop computers have surged in popularity, and with that grew our dependence on WiFi. With most computers, having a wireless connection is almost assumed; however, when it comes to desktop computers it should not be. Laptops are made to be portable while desktops are meant to reside in one place. If your current desktop does … Read more

How to Replace Your MacBook Pro Hard Drive

The hard drive on any computer is one of the most valuable and important components of the entire machine. Constructed of mechanical and electrical parts, the hard drive is where all of your files are saved, which means if your hard drive fails, you could potentially lose everything. Luckily, there are ways to replace and … Read more

4 Things To Look For In A New Mac

Sometimes when people buy a new laptop or computer, they don’t realize that there is more that goes into it than simply going to a local store and picking something out. Instead, it requires a bit of research, some hard choices, and maybe even testing a few different options out. One of the most common … Read more

Basic Laptop Parts: An Explanation

When your laptop needs repairs or something just isn’t working correctly, there can be some difficulty discussing the problem for one major reason: people don’t understand the different parts when they are actually talking about it. When you need something fixed but can only explain it as “that thingy that spins,” there is a breakdown … Read more

Top tips for generating secure passwords

We use passwords for everything. Our online accounts, social networks, web app logins, computer logins, phones, cloud storage, banking, shopping and a whole lot more. When the loss of a password can mean losing data, money, personal details or worse, it makes sense to make that password a good one. As part of a data … Read more

Shop online with confidence on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

If you read ‘Black Friday 2018 survival guide’ last week, you will now have a plan for ensuring you get the bargains you’re looking for on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But what about the online shopping process itself? Today I’m going to cover some basic precautions you should take whenever you buy online. First, … Read more

Five Tips for Choosing Antivirus Protection for Your Computer

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing antivirus protection for your computer, it can be confusing at best. But there is a lot at stake like your digital identity, financial information, and all your personal data. Choosing antivirus software is important for ensuring your online activities are safe from hacks and viruses. … Read more

6 Common Misconceptions About Computer Repair

Venturing out to a computer repair store can be scary when you haven’t had to do it before. The terminology may be all new to you, and some may worry they will get scammed by a tech who just wants to make money. The problem isn’t so much that the general public doesn’t understand the … Read more