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How to check for updates in macOS Mojave

As far as we can tell, macOS Mojave has gone down well with Mac fans across the world. We certainly like it and despite some changes to where certain tools are found, it has been a seamless experience so far. Now you have your shiny new operating system, how do you keep it up to … Read more

Is Apple really in a position to judge your trustworthiness?

After suggesting iOS 12 is worth the upgrade on Monday, today I have to be more cautionary. One feature that was introduced with the new OS was the Trust Score. To ‘help prevent fraud’ your device will begin tracking how you use it and build a profile to which it will award a trust score. … Read more

iOS 12 is out but should you download it right away?

One thing Apple is known for is delivering reliable products that do the job they are designed to do. That said, they also have form for introducing bugs in software updates. With iOS 12 here and offering some major updates, should you leap in early and download it right away or wait a while to … Read more

Recent Hacking Scam in Bethlehem, PA

Residents of Bethlehem, PA have recently been issued a warning by the local police department after as one of their own fell victim to a hacking scam, perpetrated by a group of three men posing as experienced Apple technicians. It happened on a Tuesday. An elderly resident of Bethlehem was at home when he was … Read more

How To Fix the Mac OS X Yosemite Gmail Issue

This guide will instruct you regarding how to fix the Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite Gmail bug within the Mail app. If you have an issue like this regarding Gmail in the Apple Mail app within Yosemite, try to de-activate and re-active the “Show in IMAP” for “All Mail” selection, which should fix the issue. With … Read more

What are the Apple HomeKit and Home app and what can they offer you?

Apple HomeKit is the computer giant’s entry into the home automation market. While many manufacturers are entering the smart home, Apple has had a presence there for a little while. The Apple HomeKit is the centerpiece of the smart home and works as a smart hub to attach many other accessories to make your home … Read more

How to speed up a slow Apple Mac

We know all too well that Windows has form for slowing down over time but fewer people realize that Apple Macs can do exactly the same thing. The more you use your Mac, the slower it can become. Even though the operating system is much more efficient than Windows, it still leave a bit of … Read more

How to fix the Apple Mac white screen issue

We got a customer into the store the other day with a MacBook Pro that kept booting to a pure white screen. She was at her wits end as she simply could not get it to boot into MacOS and even some of the techniques on the web couldn’t help her. As she lived close … Read more

How to access and use Apple iCloud from Windows

Apple iCloud is an excellent cloud storage service that supports Apple devices but also plays nicely with others too. Anyone who owns a Mac, iPad or iPhone will likely use iCloud to store everything from selfies to software and everything in-between. But what if you use an Apple phone and a Windows computer? You can … Read more

The best new features in iOS 10

I have had a little time to play with iOS 10 now and am actually running iOS 10.1. I know iOS 10.2 and 10.3 are in beta but I’m sticking with what I have for now. There is plenty enough to get my teeth into with this update so I have no need to risk … Read more