Automating your home with Smart Technology

Technology has now touched our lives in ways some of us less tech savvy never would have imagined ten, twenty or thirty years ago. We are now living in a new era called the “Internet of Things.” And this latest technology of “things” is no longer out of reach for the majority of folks. No matter what your lifestyle, some form of affordable smart technology exists to automate your home and activities. Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? That’s just the beginning.

Smart technology for the home has now far surpassed simply having an automatic garage door opener for use from your car. You can now control your home lighting, heating, air conditioning, music, home security and even some appliances from a central source using Wi-Fi connectivity.

In 2015 90 percent of consumers said that personal and family security is a top reason for purchasing a smart home system. Let’s look at home security. Did you know you can buy an affordable surveillance camera system that can stream securely to your phone, tablet or laptop in super clear HD with a wide-angle view of the room? Depending on the make and model of the device, today’s surveillance camera systems are made to view activity real time, record, and even talk two-way to those in the home. Some look for motion and listen for sound. When something is detected, you are alerted on your phone. Night vision LED sensors will even let you see clearly the whole room at night. These types of systems are not only good to offer the home owner alerts to burglars, but some are designed to keep tabs on pets and people when left home alone.

The next generation of deadbolt home security offers the most advanced biometric deadbolts available for securing your home using keyless fingerprint recognition technology. Not only do they offer fast entry, you get maximum security. These systems include an alarm so if someone tries to break in, a high pitched alarm sounds to alert you and your neighbors with the intention of scaring off the intruder. They are made to easily add or delete any user individually.

When it comes to home safety, you can now buy a smart, plug-in safety device that alerts you via your smartphone if your home’s smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarms go off while you’re not at home. The beauty of these systems is that you can listen, dismiss, or notify local 911 from wherever you are. Smart home technology brings you peace of mind at good value, knowing you can do something to save your home and those left home alone, such as pets, under life-threatening situations.

Looking to improve your health and happiness? Check out the latest in appliances using smart technology. For example, you can easily make the kitchen the center of your home activities with a smart refridgerator something called The Family Hub. It’s designed to help you manage both your home and life by incorporating food management, family connection, and entertainment capabilities. How? It’s all controlled from a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen on a flex refrigerator!

Now that you’ve improved your eating habits and family connection with smart technology, try a Fit Bit activity tracker to manage your fitness level. These devices track the steps you take, the distance you have walked, the calories you have burned, and the stairs you have climbed throughout the day. And at night, the device measures your sleep cycle. Your stats upload wirelessly via computer, or select Bluetooth 4.0 devices (like the iPhone 4S). And don’t leave home without it!

Now that you have automated the inside of your home and your lifestyle, what about the outside of your home? You can employ the use of a smart sprinkler system that automatically creates a watering schedule. This is a great way to control your water bills and ensure a beautiful lawn. A mobile app gives you access to your sprinkler system from anywhere, can be adjusted to any size lawn, and is compatible with most smart phone platforms.

The “Internet of Things” is here to stay, and we’ve only touched on a few of the many ways smart technology is changing the lives of people everywhere. Connecting and linking everyday household products can be a complex, but as technology advances smart home items are becoming easier to purchase, install, configure and operate. Eventually the internet of things will be commonplace and its use second nature.

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