Best Buy & Staples Computer Repair? Reading This Might Change Your Plan

That unfortunate moment when you got your reliable computer broken, your partner for all your work responsibilities day & night. Of course, you’ll start to panic & worry how you can deliver your output on time. Then you realized you need to move & find solutions, you mentally recall the giant repairing services like Staples and Best Buy. In a heartbeat, you’ll head over the nearest repair station with your broken computer at hand, willing to take a leap of faith to make it work again. But, have you thought? What if I you are making a wrong choice? There are times, social media brand marketing strategies are overrated. Of course, they always wanted to show how they excel at their craftsmanship to the world, with high volume of demands, quality of work will be at stake. Explore, look for other options who knows you can find a better laptop and computer repair services that can’t hurt your pocket.

Just because Best Buy is a giant in its business category, not to mention how its name is plastered all over the magazines & posters that doesn’t mean that it’s best in all terms.

Popularity doesn’t always mean superstar customers’ satisfaction. While the small repairing centers like Dave’s Computer Inc. stays underrated, but when trusted, the professionals there leave no stone unturned to cater to the customers’ need regarding laptop and computer repair service.

Going an extra mile for your favorite gadget to get it back to its original state, here are the five reasons which justify the importance of stepping back for a moment to rethink the decision of going to Best Buy:

  1. Big Brand Might Not Even Take Your Problem Seriously

There is always a thing about the big brands like Best Buy and Staples that they go for the repairing work which they find easier and convenient to be done. They prefer taking work which they have done before and are confident that they could do it again. No sweat. But if they oversee you have a complicated problem, they might show you their backs. Your work partner and most treasured and cared for device where you put so much value, but to them it’s just a device. No effort in going overboard to make sure it works again. They will not see the urgency to take action for complicated issues, they only take easy work which will make them accept more work or work on pending repairs. While on the other hands, the repairing centers which aren’t on the first page magazines & top of the tier reviews on Google like Dave’s Computer Inc. understands your concerns for your system, and whatever the problem is, the repairing experts will work in their best way to repair it back as it was before. Visit Dave’s Computer Inc. and know the range of services we offer.

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  1. They might stay oriented towards money-making

There is always enough for the need but never enough for the greed as they say, which I think suits the giant repairing brands. They always seek to make more money and with this intention, working on easier tasks which saves them time and effort but the same or more repairing services fee. But when the focus is on money making, the quality of work usually gets compromised. You might have bought the laptop doing a lot of savings with your hard earned money and there’s no way you should ignore the quality of repairing. Leaving the option of big repairing services, there are other repairing centers too which focus on providing the quality repairing service, with least focus on extracting the money out of customers’ pockets.

  1. They don’t prioritize customer satisfaction

As big brands have been there in this domain for a long time, they have just skipped the importance of reaching customer satisfaction. Instead, their only focus remains on how to stay focused on being ahead in the race. But this is not something any genuine customer would care about. He would want his computer to be repaired in the best way possible which could satisfy him to the utmost. At Dave’s Computer Inc, the repairing experts always keep customer satisfaction at priority. We know how much your computer is important to you and that’s why we don’t keep you away from it for days and ensure you quick and quality repairing.

  1. The limelight of a big brand or the loyalty of the repairing experts

Sometimes, customers just get attracted by the limelight of the big brands like Best Buy and Staples and the brands just pull them towards their services due to over publicity and online marketing strategies. But as we say “All that glitters is not gold”, the same is with these brands. What matters most to them is popularity, getting head of the game compromising customers’ satisfaction & giving them no value. If the repairing is done, it’s fine but if it’s not they won’t even give a second try to look for a solution to solve the problem. So, wouldn’t it be better to deal with the loyal repairing experts of Dave’s Computer Inc, who listen to all your concerns and work accordingly to reach your satisfaction for laptop and computer repair!

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  1. Larger brands, larger prices with long wait

The big brands work according to their convenience and thus stay least bothered about the customer happiness. They provide their services at a very high cost and the naïve customer, who just want to get their laptop repaired simply pays them, without knowing if it is worth the price or not and even wait for a couple of weeks for the system to be repaired. But at Dave’s Computer Inc, we just charge genuinely without keeping the system for a long time. They always value your time and the urgency of the repair.

This was just a glimpse of reality so that you don’t fall for the bigger but unethical brands. Count to the experts at Dave’s Computer Inc and we’ll make sure you never regret your decisions. Visit Dave’s Computers as Your IT Provider and you will know why you should choose us.