9 Reasons to Choose Dave’s Computers As Your IT Provider

Delivering a Personal Touch

Your small business can’t risk relying on a fly-by-night IT team that always seems to shunt your call to the nearest available voicemail account. When your company demands an IT solution, you don’t want to be kept waiting days, or even hours, for a call back. As such, when you call 908-428-9558, you can expect a person to pick up the phone and respond with a prompt response to your IT concerns.

Providing B2B IT Solutions

When it comes to finding the perfect IT business solution for your company, we first listen to your IT business problems before offering several different strategies to help root out the ROOT problem. We look for real solutions as opposed to installing the latest technical doodad that is all the momentary rage. When your small business needs big business IT solutions, and that is when our team is standing by to provide B2B IT solutions.

Superior Customer Service

We bring superior customer service to 6the table every working day. Perhaps to some it is an outdated concept, but we believe that good old fashion customer is important, so we work hard to develop our relationships with our customers, and maintain client satisfaction and loyalty at all costs.

End the Blame Game with Superior Service

We believe in personal accountability. Towards that end therefore, we take complete ownership of any technical problem and work to see it resolved. What that means for your small business is that you won’t be forced to battle between the phone company and provider as they each point to the other in blame.

We Speak Your Language

If you’ve been buried in techno-babble before, you know how uninformative that can be to your over all topic under discussion. We get that too. As such, we offer all of our solutions and recommendations in plain English that everyone at the table will understand. Indeed, we’ll break it down to the level of a 5-year old should that be needed, and we will be happy to oblige so that there are no surprises on your end of the transaction.

We Deliver On Time and On Budget

Speaking of surprises, no one really likes that in a business relationship. Rather than the old “nickel and dime” approach to billing a company to death, we believe in complete transparency. As an example, we guarantee that your IT support needs will be completed on time and on budget, so there won’t be any uncomfortable surprises on our billing statement.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

If you’re not happy then we’re not happy. We consistently go the extra mile to ensure that your business is the best it can be from an IT solution angle. That’s because we stand by our product and services and believe that IT experience you receive should be effortless and not a big hassle. If you ever have a question or concern, we will not stop until we have addressed the problem or answered the question.

Complete Transparency and Your Network

In addition to working diligently on your behalf in terms of setting up and maintain your IT services, we also deliver the keys to that system in the form of a documented copy of their passwords, configuration, and network information. While an unscrupulous IT team might try to keep this information from you as a form of hostage-taking, we understand that it is your business and you require this data to run and protect your business.

Billing Accuracy and Building Trust

As mentioned, we don’t believe in any kind of surprises when it comes to billing our clients. Your monthly statement will be clear, detailed, and accurate. We will pull our services apart and show you where each dollar of your bill was spent. You will know exactly what you are paying for, and all charges must be pre-approved by you prior to completing any work.