What is Carbonite? Why it can help!


Carbonite is an Online Backup which implies that it is meant to be a backup of all your files that are on your computer. There are many other companies that offer the similar service as Carbonite, but it is most recommended because of its added benefits and commendable features, some of its unique features are:

Carbonite only offers backup and nothing else, all its efforts are directed towards achieving this only and nothing else. That is why they do it extremely well. Carbonite not only saves the file as a backup but also constantly protects and safeguards it. It is extremely user-friendly, hassle-free and is also easily available to everyone.

The reason why a backup is created in the first place is to access it whenever and wherever you want. Carbonite makes sure that you get your backup whenever you want it in minimal time. The fact is that Carbonite is the easiest system there is to create a backup; the backup is saved directly from your desktop to Carbonite.com. Once the files have been uploaded, they are ready and waiting to be recovered.

If you shut down your computer or your internet connection breaks-off, you do not need to worry because Carbonite will pick up exactly where you left off as soon as the system starts or the internet connects.

Another feature that sets Carbonite apart from others is that it is extremely secure, it can be accessed from anywhere by simply logging in to your account at Carbonite.com. It can also be accessed from your iPhones or android phones by downloading its free mobile apps.

Carbonite works on both Windows and Mac so get it as soon as possible and create an online backup to be safe than sorry.

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