Seven Useful Tips From Experts in Computer Repair

You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on computer repairs so make sure you’re putting each of these computer techniques into practice for yourself so you can stay safe and secure.

#1 Crime – Faking the Fix

The first thing you need to know is, of course, criminal activity. Criminals are actually calling up senior citizens and telling them that they have computer problems or even that they’ve been hacked. Then, they’re telling these senior citizens that if they allow remote access the problem will be cleared up right away. Once granted complete remote access they are stealing everything they can, including credit card numbers and financial information. Make sure you’re not buying services from anyone that you haven’t had a chance to talk to on your own and investigate.

#2 Selling Out – Factory Reset on Your Computer

If you’re thinking about selling your computer you absolutely need to look at the information you’ve put on your computer over the time you’ve owned it. After all, the information that you leave on there is all information that someone else is going to have access to. What you might not realize, however, is that even after you delete information the right hacker will be able to access it. That means you shouldn’t just delete what you can see. You should be doing a full factory reset so no one can find any of the information that used to be on your computer.

#3 Get Protected – Don’t Leave Yourself Open to Attack

If you don’t have the latest updates to your software and the latest updates to your anti-virus then you’re definitely not protected enough. You’re setting yourself up for trouble if someone tries to get into your computer. There are reasons those programs are constantly updating, it’s so they can stay ahead of the bad guys and if you aren’t following along with those updates … you’re definitely not doing yourself any favors.

#4 ‘Free’ Viruses – Nothing in Life is Free

If you download anything at all on your computer you are opening yourself up to the possibility of getting hacked. You’re creating a little window or a doorway that hackers could worm their way through. You definitely don’t want that to happen because it’s going to lead to viruses and a whole lot more. Just one song or one game downloaded from the internet can lead to a whole lot of problems you will definitely not be happy with, especially if they cost you a lot of money to fix them.

#5 Double Authentication – More Passwords Are Your Friend

If you can get additional authentication on your computer and on websites you’re definitely going to want it. The more it takes to get into a website or into your accounts the harder it is for someone to hack into the m. Keeping people out is going to really make a difference for you and keep your money and your identity a whole lot more secure. By also using different passwords on each of your accounts you’re definitely going to be better off.

#6 Stay Secure – You Are your First Line of Defense

The first thing you need to do in order to stay secure and avoid problems is to take care of things yourself. Don’t download anything you don’t know and trust completely. Don’t let anyone know your passwords or have access to your devices when they are unlocked. Definitely make sure that you keep your computer physically secure as well, making sure that nothing is left around your computer that could cause physical damage, such as spills or breakage.

#7 Don’t Open Up – Skip the Links

It’s definitely important to monitor any links that are included in emails or even on websites that you visit. Don’t just open up every time you see a link. It could be dangerous to your computer overall because it could lead to a virus. Knowing what you are looking at and what you are opening is definitely crucial, so make sure you monitor where the link came from and whether it’s really legitimate before you open up, especially if it seems to come from a secure company like your bank or anyone in charge of your money.


With these 7 tips you’re definitely going to be a whole lot safer when you get online, which means your computer is more secure and ready to go whenever you are. Don’t sit around waiting for computer repair, stop the problem before it even starts.

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