Computer Support: Preventing Pop-Ups

Pop-ups – usually they seem like a harmless annoyance, but that isn’t always the case. When connected with your browser, they can advertise businesses or even try to lure you into downloading a computer virus. You probably have seen that scary warning that says your computer is already infected. You may even have been tempted to click on the warning and download something that claims to be a virus scanner, but is actually a virus in disguise.

That’s not where the problem ends either. If you have unwittingly downloaded a computer virus or spyware, then you may have pop-ups when you aren’t even browsing the web. They can include anything from random advertisements to some very adult content. Imagine sitting in your home, playing a fun little game of solitaire or balancing your checking account and suddenly, an underdressed woman appears on your screen. It does happen that way and it’s more than a hassle.

Of course, if you are already having this problem, you will need to contact a computer support professional so that they can get your system clean of viruses and malware, but there are also things you can do to prevent the problem in the first place.

Turn on Pop-Up Blocker

Your first step is to enable the pop-up blocking feature that is located right in your browser. Usually, to find this choice, you will need to access the settings option. In both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, you can get to settings by clicking on the top right of the screen.

If you use Firefox, you can find the pop-up blocker under tools in the main menu at the top of the screen. Then, you can click options to reach a checkbox that allows you to disable the irritating ads altogether. If you use Safari on your Apple computer, you can click on the main Safari menu and find the controls as well.

Consider Extensions

Another option is to download extensions that are designed to catch any pop-ups that may have snuck past the main browser controls. These extensions will work with your browser to do a better job at preventing pop-ups. Some of the choices available include Poper Blocker, Adblock Plus, Better Pop Up Blocker, and NoScript. If you don’t know how to install extensions, then don’t worry. A computer help professional or computer repair service will be able to handle this for you.

Install Software

There is also software available specifically to block pop-ups on your Internet browser, and you may wish to consider this. However, keep in mind that there are free and paid versions of the software. You will need a professional’s help choosing the right one.

Another type of software that you need is something that will prevent and remove any virus, spyware, or malware in general that finds its way to your system. This will avoid any malicious programs that generate pop-ups seemingly out of nowhere. Again, it is a good idea to contact computer support to find the best program for your computer.

If you need help with preventing pop-ups on your computer, then contact today. We will be glad to set up your system so that you don’t have to deal with this headache again, and we can provide computer help for many other issues too.


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