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Be aware of cold calls offering Windows or computer support

Christmas is my favorite time of year but it is also when the scammers and fraudsters come out to play. I have heard of a couple of people who received cold calls supposedly from a computer repair outfit and even pretending to be Microsoft offering to fix issues with the person’s computer. One type of … Read more

Know your enemy if you want to deliver excellent IT support

If you want to deliver excellent IT support to your customers, you must be able to protect them as well as keep their infrastructure up and running. One key aspect of that is knowing your enemy. That means assessing threats from the outside and getting to know how and why a hacker will penetrate a … Read more

IT support tasks: System spring clean

You know the saying ‘look after your equipment and it will look after you?’ This is very relevant to computers. If you look after your laptop, desktop or server, it can continue serving you for much longer than if you left it alone. So this week’s IT support post is all about spring cleaning your … Read more

Ten computer repair myths busted

While many elements of computer science, server configuration and networking are complicated, many aspects of computer repair are not. Our industry is full of myths and legends, most are harmless and a big of fun and some are a barrier to entry for both newcomers into the industry and to potential customers looking to keep … Read more

Top computer security tips for home users

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Top computer security tips for home users Of all the computer subjects we read about in the media, security is usually top of the agenda. For longer than I can remember, computer users have had to protect their networks and their computers from hacking, viruses and malware. So we were … Read more