Your Hard Drive Has Failed – Now What?

Consider this scenario for a moment: you are using your computer as you normally would, and in an instant, your computer suddenly shuts off. You attempt to boot your computer back up (again, as you normally would), only to discover that your computer is not booting up at all. In fact, your operating system will not even come close to booting up, as your computer is informing you that it cannot detect your hard drive. It’s as if by magic, by some odd chance, your hard drive suddenly disappeared out of thin air, resulting in your computer being unable to boot up normally, and the worst part? Your data is lost forever.

Or so it would seem. No, your hard drive did not magically disappear – it crashed. Moreover, your data is not lost forever – it just seems that way at the moment. It is quite possible that your data can be salvaged as well, ensuring you that your data is back in your hands safe and sound within no time at all. So how can you save your data from the dead hard drive and have it back in your possession? Thanks to a trusted professional that is dedicated to providing hard drive data recovery in New Jersey.

After calling such a professional, one of two things will occur. For starters, the team will either:


a)      Instruct you to bring your computer to their premises.

b)     Bring their team to your premises to obtain the hard drive from your computer.


Once the NJ data recovery professionals have your hard drive on their premises, they will use state-of-the-art equipment to find your data within the dead hard drive and extract it from the depths of the drive. Depending on how damaged the hard drive may be (and what type of data you need recovered from the drive), the cost of data recovery could increase exponentially. Thus, you may need to decide exactly how valuable your data actually is to you. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Can you live without the data?
    • Will you feel a sense of ‘loss’ if you lose the data?
      • Is the data irreplaceable (e.g. family photographs)?
  • Can you replicate the data easily/inexpensively?
    • Do you have a hard copy of the data that can be referenced as you recreate the data?
    • How much time/money will it cost to replicate said data?
    • Do you have a plan of action for recreating the data?
      • Think about the advantages and disadvantages of recovering the data versus recreating the data.
  • Will the data yield a hefty profit if you have it in your possession?
    • Is the data important to your business?
  • Could you lose money if you do not recover the data?
    • Again, think about the advantages and disadvantages of recovering the data and failing to recover it.


After you have made an informed decision, the data recovery professionals will recover the data in a timely manner and will store the data on a new hard drive and will dually install your favorite operating system onto the new hard drive. They will even install the new hard drive into your computer, ensuring you that you are able to use your computer as if the hard drive crash never occurred.

Now the hard part: finding a professional that can provide this level of service at a fair rate in a timely, efficient manner. But wait: the search isn’t difficult at all! Simply call Dave’s Computers the moment your hard drive crashes, and the team will guide you through decision-making process regarding whether you should rescue your data or leave it on your recently dead hard drive. Making data recovery as painless as possible, call Dave’s Computers regarding any data recovery questions you may have.

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