Mobile Marketing Apps That Help Your Business Run Smoothly

It has often been said that you get only what you are willing to pay for, but with the focus of the modern digital age and the development of mobile marketing apps, that isn’t always true. Many great options are available for little to no cost and can make a huge difference in your Bradenton or Sarasota business.  Here are ten options Dave’s Computer suggests for your business:

  1. Circuit
    This is one of the mobile marketing apps that is gaining popularity due to its cross platform and cross device adaptability. Circuit lets you all of your teams work and interact with each other without the limitations of emails and cell phone calls and without being stuck in the office all the time. It supports text, video, and voice chat and also features a large storage bank, quick access features, and security options.
  1. Roambi
    Having essential data on hand at a moment’s notice even while you are on the move means you can stay ahead of problems and stay on top of everything no matter where you are. Roambi lets you have access to business data on an easy to understand mobile platform that allows you to view, manipulate, and share documents, files, and videos.
  1. Trello
    Post it Notes are so old school today; there is a much easier and more modern way to leave notes for yourself and your teammates. Trello is one of the mobile marketing apps that allow you to have a post it note like system at your disposal thanks to the cloud. This is one of the mobile marketing apps that is great for managing resources and time- especially when you have to be away from the office for a meeting or while on vacation.
  1. Hootsuite
    Social media is 24/27 and even during holidays and vacation time the web keeps moving and customers are still active. Stay on top of customer communications and business . needs quickly and easily. Keep in touch with everyone with the best social media platform available for your business.
  1. Flipboard
    Do you feel like you are constantly being bombarded with information from every direction everywhere you go? Flipboard allows you to view and manage information that you deem relevant to you and your business and lets you display them in an easy to read format that can be read over at your leisure. Get yourself in line with information that is relevant to your business and presented in an easy to read and digest format.

  1. Scanner Pro
    Scanning documents can be a real pain when you are away from the office, but now you can use your camera phone to do the same work that a scanner does. Need to send signed documents to an important client while at the airport or stuck in standstill traffic? Take a photo with your phone’s camera and let the Scanner Pro app produce a scan quality image that you can send.
  1. LastPass
    It can be a challenge these days to remember passwords, especially when you consider how many you need for all of your devices, sites, an programs that you use on a daily basis. You should not to use the same password on multiple platforms and keeping them written in a word document is not safe. But with Lastpass you can make remembering your passwords easier and less of a hassle. Keep them safe and secure from hackers while still keeping them accessible with Lastpass’ high level of security encryption.
  1. OpenScape
    When it comes to useful marketing mobile apps for the business business owner or team leader, OpenScape mobile app is a must have. Take your phone with you and keep your office number open and accessible so you can take calls on your business line from the comfort of your own personal mobile device. For the business owner on the go, OpenScape is a true time and money saver!
  1. UberConference
    This marketing mobile apps system makes it easier than ever to take conference calls and it much more user friendly than regular phone calls or online video conference system chats. UberConference Apps also allows you the option of recording the calls so you can replay then over again and keep announcements and information fresh and current in your mind.
  2. Free Press Release

Make announcements and share important information your quickly and easily with team members, customers, vendors, and coworkers. Free Press Release offers businesses an amazing platform and site design that makes it easier than ever to make announcements about new products or services and also assists with search engine ranking and customer reviews.

There are plenty of amazing marketing mobile apps available that can help Florida business big and small do a better job of managing, marketing, and profiting. Some have been used and recommended for years, others are just now starting to create a stir. Whatever programs and software you decide to us, make sure your business and your computers are running as effectively as possible by trusting Dave’s Computer with yous computer needs!

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