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5 Essential Steps to Avoid Overwork in 2017

In his book REWORK, David Heinemeier Hanson, creator of Ruby on Rails, makes a bold statement: “fire the workaholics.” Contrary to virtually everything today’s startup culture would tell us about the recipe for success and what it takes to get to the top, DHH stands firm in the belief that being a workaholic isn’t the […]

Computer repair professionals are service people, consultants, and tech experts. Because of this, it’s important also to be good SEOs. While SEO changes on a regular basis, there are several free tools designed to help computer repair experts improve their SEO. With these tools, you can rank well in Google and become more visible customers. […]

Companies operating in the modern age have neither the time nor the energy to contend with paper forms. In addition to being inefficient, this method is also inaccurate and can open a company up to mistakes and errors. Because of this, many companies turn to automatic data capture (ADC), instead. Here’s what you need to […]

In the computer repair industry, content is more important than ever before. If you’re like so many so many people who own a small computer support company, you struggle to find the time to create content. Because of this, many people turn to content aggregators, believing they’re the perfect way to have their cake and […]

Facebook has released its first salvo into enterprise productivity with Facebook Workplace. Unveiled over in London, U.K. the new app is the familiar version of Facebook we all know but with a productivity twist. It is the company’s aim to bring it into every workplace and finally make money on something other than advertising. What […]