The Pros and Cons of Remote Computer Support and Repair

If you’ve never needed a computer repair before, it can be difficult to decide which type of service is best when the time comes to call for assistance. Many people with home computers are happy to try and fix any problems themselves. This is fine for simpler computer repair issues or for someone who is experienced in working with software and hardware repairs. For the rest of us, any significant problem will need a professional diagnosis and subsequent computer repair.

In common with computer repair services everywhere, there are three types of computer repair service available to choose from here in New Jersey. These are:

At-Home services, where a technician visits your home or business to perform a repair on site.
Remote services, where a technician connects remotely to your computer to perform repairs.
In-store services, where you take your computer to a repair or data recovery center.

Computer repair and data recovery service providers in New Jersey may offer just one type of service or any combination of at-home, in-store and remote services. So which type of service do you select when you are in need of a professional computer repair? This article explores remote computer support services and the situations where they may or may not be the best choice.

Pros of Remote Computer Support and Repair

Where situations require a very fast diagnosis or cure for your computer fault, remote services really come into their own. If your computer is able to be repaired remotely, you benefit from huge time savings. You can avail of remote computer support outside of normal business hours. Many service providers can offer 24/7 computer support and repair.

If a remote computer repair is possible, you are saved the time and effort of unhooking your computer and taking it to a repair shop. If your computer is a desktop model, this is a big advantage. You’ll probably find a remote repair if successful, will be a lot less expensive than having a technician visit your home or business.

Another consideration when thinking about remote computer support or repair is the priority you place on physical interaction. Some people just want a repair done quickly and correctly and sometimes the situation demands it. When this is the case, remote computer repair is probably the best way to go, especially if the provider also offers in-store or at-home repair when a remote fix isn’t possible.

When you suspect your computer has been infected by a virus or malware, remote computer support can be the perfect answer. If a technician can access your computer online, he or she should be able to diagnose and eradicate any viral or malware infection. A further advantage of remote computer support is that it’s easy to get continued support should the problems recur. It’s not uncommon for viruses to stay hidden and evade even computer repair pros. If your problem does come back after the initial remote repair, the technician can just hook up to your computer again and investigate further. This is a lot more convenient than having a technician visit you multiple times on-site or repeatedly taking your computer to a repair shop.

Cons of Remote Computer Repair

Generally a Remote computer repair or computer support service can be a good idea if you think your computer problem isn’t too serious. There are certain limitations to this kind of service though, particularly if you are a home computer user. For example, the following problems will be difficult to resolve using a remote computer support service:

When you cannot power-up your computer, or it will not boot.
When you cannot load Windows, you see the “blue screen of death” or you cannot log in to Windows at all.
When you cannot access the internet with your computer.

Obviously a remote computer service will be limited in usefulness if you are unable to connect to the internet. Most of these services diagnose and in some cases repair computer problems by connecting remotely to your computer. If you can’t get your computer online, this mode of support becomes impossible to provide.

A remote service provider can try to talk you through some troubleshooting steps to get you online or help you to fix your computer problem. If the issue is serious though, you will probably end up having to have a technician visit your home or you will have to take your computer to a repair center. In this case you will have gained little from your initial contact with a remote service provider.

When your service provider offers at-home repair or has a shop front as well as offering remote computer support, the situation is a little different. Your provider may initially attempt to resolve the problem remotely it will at least help with a diagnosis, enabling your provider to get faster results if they need to perform an at-home or in-store repair.

If you have a very poor or slow internet connection, you probably won’t benefit too much from remote computer repair. Perhaps you will be able to get your computer fault resolved but it will certainly take more time with a slow connection and in turn cost you more money (if the service is charged by the minute or hour).

If you like to see and speak directly with someone responsible for computer repair, you might not feel particularly confident about a remote service. If you’re not confident and you then find the service provider is unable to resolve your problem, you will be left with a negative impression of the service. Rather than risking a less than perfect customer service experience, you might be best served by someone you can deal with face to face.

Remote Computer Repair in New Jersey

Finding a computer repair service provider who also has a repair center gives you options. You can get immediate computer support when you need it. If your computer cannot be repaired remotely, you can take it into the repair center. You will deal with the same service provider throughout and you will know that any type of problem can be fixed.

The team at Dave’s Computers provides remote computer support services as well as offering computer repair at a well-equipped and expertly staffed repair center in Hillsborough NJ. Visit the Dave’s Computers website to learn more or make contact by phone on 908-428-9558.

by David Molnar

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