RAM Upgrade: Benefits from this Simple Computer Repair

Earlier this year, I saw my Macbook Pro devolve from a high functioning piece of technology into a spare engine turbine. I couldn’t have more than three applications open at a time. Having more than two tabs open on Google Chrome would give my poor Macbook an asthma attack. This was extremely inconvenient for me, for I am a person that lives his life dangerously and has 20 tabs open at any given time. Not only was it becoming extremely slow, the battery was draining within a matter of thirty minutes. My Macbook has been by my side since late 2011. It was not a spring chicken by any means but I knew it still had to have some good years left in it.

What The Options for Macbook Computer Repair?

My options were to either sell my computer in an effort to scrape together some money to buy a new one, or to hope that I would be able to replace some of the parts to optimize its effects. In the first situation, I would have to come up with roughly $800 on top of selling my computer to get a new one. Not only was this way out of my budget, but it would mean being without my computer for a couple days – a huge inconvenience for someone who works from their computer all day. The latter option would mean spending much less, but I wasn’t sure if even after I invested more money into my computer my problems would go away.

I had over 70% of my 500GB of storage available. My slow-down wasn’t due to my storage, it was due to my RAM. RAM, or Random Access Memory, is basically the capacity for your computer to run applications. Businessinsider.com says that the main culprit for computer slowdowns are running out of RAM, and storage – both of which can be upgraded. With more RAM, your computer can do more things and multitask much more effectively. The more RAM you have, the more efficiently you can navigate through your tabs and applications. If you try to run more processes outside the scope of your RAM, your computer will slow down and possibly crash.

As great as the evolution of technology is, it has the unfortunate externality of making older models antiquated in the name of progress. Upgrading my operating system several times brought my computer to a world it wasn’t prepared for at birth. I was essentially training a 60 year old man an extremely demanding workout regiment and expecting him to compete with the new youthful generation. Fresh out of the box in late 2011, my Macbook came with 4GB of Ram and worked like a charm. Fast forward four years of college and a few operating system upgrades, I couldn’t play a song and Google at the same time.

The Solution for Macbook Computer Repair

My Macbook and I have a history together. It’s been by my side for my entire degree, been the focal point for several Netflix sessions, and has accompanied me around the world. Abandoning it felt like I was turning my back on a friend. I decided to go the computer repair route. My computer originally came with two 2GB RAM sticks, giving it a total of 4GB of RAM. My current operating system alone using more than this. I upgraded my computer to two 8GB RAM sticks, bringing it to a total of 16GB and WOW did this make a difference. I not only was able to bounce around my applications without delay, but it is actually faster than the day I got it. Opening up my activity monitor right now says I am using 11.59GB of RAM. Granted, I have a ton of things open right now. Technology is there to support and help us, not give us limitations.

How Much Do You Need?

I decided to juice my computer to the max, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do the same. According to www.digitaltrends.com, 8GB is the sweet spot for RAM upgrades.
The difference in cost for RAM upgrades is relatively low, so why not get the most possible. Just because you might not need it this moment, you will likely benefit from your decision in future years once a new, more demanding operating system comes out.

Why Go the Computer Repair Route?

There is a significantly high markup for new appliances. A new Macbook Pro will run you anywhere from $1,099.00 to $2,000.00. A simple computer repair such as upgrading your RAM could cost you a fraction of this, and extend your computer’s life a couple years. With a professional computer repair service you will be saving the time, money, and risk of error.

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