How to Decide Between a Mac and a PC

For those who are trying to decide on a new computer for their Princeton, NJ business, no debate rages quite as hard as as the Mac and PC battle. How to decide between a Mac and a PC isn’t always the easiest thing to unfurl. Both have quite passionate followings that will swear that they … Read more

How to enable automatic logon on a Mac

If you’re sure nobody else can get into your Mac or MacBook and that you’re unlikely to leave it somewhere, you can switch off that initial Mac login prompt if you want. Instead, you can have your system boot up and log you in automatically so you’re ready to go in a much shorter time. … Read more

How to recover deleted data from a Mac

It’s easy to accidentally delete data. We have all done it and we will all do it again. The data recovery guys here at Dave’s Computers are always busy but some of the jobs we do are unnecessary as you could easily do it at home. That doesn’t mean we won’t do it, of course … Read more

How to set up MacOS in VirtualBox

Even though Dave’s Computers in New Jersey fixes Mac computers, I am mainly a Windows guy. I know Mac inside and out but hesitate to pay the premium that Apple charges for its hardware. For the price of a 27” Mac, I could build two, perhaps three high spec Windows computers. That makes jumping to … Read more

Is Apple really in a position to judge your trustworthiness?

After suggesting iOS 12 is worth the upgrade on Monday, today I have to be more cautionary. One feature that was introduced with the new OS was the Trust Score. To ‘help prevent fraud’ your device will begin tracking how you use it and build a profile to which it will award a trust score. … Read more

iOS 12 is out but should you download it right away?

One thing Apple is known for is delivering reliable products that do the job they are designed to do. That said, they also have form for introducing bugs in software updates. With iOS 12 here and offering some major updates, should you leap in early and download it right away or wait a while to … Read more

What are the Apple HomeKit and Home app and what can they offer you?

Apple HomeKit is the computer giant’s entry into the home automation market. While many manufacturers are entering the smart home, Apple has had a presence there for a little while. The Apple HomeKit is the centerpiece of the smart home and works as a smart hub to attach many other accessories to make your home … Read more

Apple iPhone 8 what we know and what we want to see

We have been led to believe that a major upgrade is on the card for this year. After a couple years of evolutionary updates rather than big changes, it is about time. So what have Apple got in store for the iPhone 8? What do we know and what do we want to see? As … Read more

How to speed up a slow Apple Mac

We know all too well that Windows has form for slowing down over time but fewer people realize that Apple Macs can do exactly the same thing. The more you use your Mac, the slower it can become. Even though the operating system is much more efficient than Windows, it still leave a bit of … Read more

How to fix the Apple Mac white screen issue

We got a customer into the store the other day with a MacBook Pro that kept booting to a pure white screen. She was at her wits end as she simply could not get it to boot into MacOS and even some of the techniques on the web couldn’t help her. As she lived close … Read more