Why Your Small Business Needs 24/7 IT Support

Every business has a few night owls that work late in the office. They are there trying to get just a little bit more of that project done before the deadline. They are just minding their own business, getting stuff done. But, what if they accidentally delete something, or download a virus, or leave the coffee machine on and roast a server. There are a hundred things that could happen when the resident IT guy isn’t there. Here are a few reasons why you need more tech support than just 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.

Saves Time

Having third party tech support for you business, no matter how big or small, can benefit you in the precious time that you save. As a manager of a New Jersey business you have a lot on your shoulders. It can be quite helpful to delegate the management of the technology to a person outside your company and save you time. The less time you spend trying to figure out the IT problems, the more time you can spend dedicated to your work. If your company does have an employee that has some experience in tech support, the likelihood that he will be able to fix larger problems is very slim. He’ll waste company time trying to fix something he is not experienced with, while also prolonging the problem that prevents others from getting work done. In the long run, it is better to have a dedicated professional that can help anytime you need them. You won’t even have to give them an office.

Saves Money

Having 24/7 tech support from a bona fide New Jersey IT company may cost a decent amount of money, but when it really counts they save you a lot of money. Not only can they get the job done right with high quality solutions, but they can do it in a timely manner. The quicker you problem gets fixed, the sooner you get back to running a successful small business. If your company has a tech geek who doesn’t always get it right, having 24/7 support is better. It’s done right, and you don’t have to pay two people. Why pay double when you can pay less for more.

Reduces Errors

To err is human, but it is less likely to happen if the person is an expert. Your small New Jersey business is important. For it’s success, everyone who is dedicated to performing a task should be qualified for that task. Accurate technology solutions are by no means at the bottom of that list. One qualified person is good, but a team of qualified individuals is even better. Having 24/7 service from experts will reduce the errors that go on in your computer system. All the records and information your business keeps  will be highly important. They should be protected and managed by those who know how to best.

Have Your Back

In house technicians can be quite helpful, especially when they are only one cubicle away. But how about when they are sick, or on vacation, or simply asleep? Your small New Jersey business may really suffer if your tech geek is in Aruba. What then? Your company could have a meltdown, and he would never know. That’s what makes multiple people in a readily available support team so helpful. No matter where your employees are, the support team has got your back.

Has Remote Access

Having dedicated IT professionals at your disposal can increase your productivity. If you are at home, away from the office, without the files you need, you can simply call up your IT geek and have him help fix your remote access. You can have control of your office in minutes. Well managed remote access will allow you to control the computers in your New Jersey office without leaving your armchair. Your round-the-clock techie can also help you transfer files from the office, and set up remote backup. Remote backup keeps another copy of your files safe, and in a separate location, just in case the original falls into physical harm.

Allows Expansion

Every business starts out small, but they don’t have to stay small. If your company is growing, or is predicted to grow, it will probably out grow all of the solutions you have already created for it. If you have great IT staff just a phone call away, you can grow your business and have it surrounded by a hedge of well planned and well executed IT solutions. You son’t have to worry about data loss or compromise.

The choice to find 24/7 IT professionals is a big one. It has many advantages, and may be just was your New Jersey small business needs. Look for a support team in your area. They will be able to serve your company the best.

by David Molnar

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