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How to use Network Locations on a Mac

Network locations are like network profiles that loads different preferences depending on what network you are connecting to. For example, let’s say you work from home and then take your Mac to work. You also sometimes work from coffee shops, airports and other places too. Rather than having to set up different network settings manually, […]

If you keep up to date with technology and what is going on in the mobile space, you will have heard a lot of hype about 5G. But what s it all about and what will it do for us? If you have 4G, that is likely fast enough for most use, so what will […]

If you read ‘How to harden your home router for maximum security’, you will already know that most home routers have some work to do to be truly secure. One thing I mentioned in that piece was about disabling port forwarding. Today I’m going to go a little more into why that is necessary. The […]

Router hardening is an IT security term that essentially means locking it down for maximum security. There are some simple ways to protect your home network from intrusion that involve nothing more than changing a couple of settings on the router. As most routers provided by your ISP are inadequate when it comes to security, […]

Network drives and shared files have been a part of enterprise infrastructures ever since the first mainframe. It isn’t just businesses that can benefit from network file sharing, home users can too. Today’s post will show you how to set up network file sharing in Windows 10 so you too can share media across your […]