Top tips for generating secure passwords

We use passwords for everything. Our online accounts, social networks, web app logins, computer logins, phones, cloud storage, banking, shopping and a whole lot more. When the loss of a password can mean losing data, money, personal details or worse, it makes sense to make that password a good one. As part of a data … Read more

How to Reset Windows 7 Password

You wouldn’t be the first person that it happened to. In fact, you wouldn’t even be the hundredth. We all have moments where we forget passwords, and that is why there is always a way to reset things. If you have Windows 7 running on your machine, and you find that you have forgotten your … Read more

Removing a Windows 7 Password

A password can be a wonderful thing, but for some people in some situations, it is simply a headache. While it is never a good idea to remove the password from your account if anyone else has access to your machine (or you could end up on the phone with a computer repair service to … Read more