Removing a Windows 7 Password

A password can be a wonderful thing, but for some people in some situations, it is simply a headache. While it is never a good idea to remove the password from your account if anyone else has access to your machine (or you could end up on the phone with a computer repair service to deal with a bad situation), if you are the only one using the computer and you know without a doubt that no one else will have or need access to it, then you may want to save yourself time by taking the password off.

The good news is that you don’t need computer support to handle this little task when running Windows 7. It only takes a few steps to remove your password. Again, it is not recommended that you remove the password in the first place. If you talk to any computer repair professional, they will tell you this, so proceed at your own risk.

The Instructions

To begin with, you will need to access the control panel. To get to this, simply click on the start button at the bottom left of your screen. In the start menu, choose control panel.

You will need to look for an icon or link that says “user accounts and family safety”. If you have your icons set up in a certain way, it may just say “user accounts”. Whichever one it says, you need to click on this. You may have to click on user accounts again.

Then, you should see a screen where you can choose “make changes to your user account.” This is the area that you are looking for. Once you locate it, you can choose a link called “Remove your password.”

Next, you will need to type in your current password. Make sure you type it exactly or you will not be able to remove it. When you click the remove password button, you will be asked to confirm your choice. That’s your final step.

Once you close everything, your password will be removed. When you log in to Windows the next time, you will no longer be asked for your password.

Before you do this, though, ask yourself: will anyone be using my computer? Remember that someone could walk up and have access to your machine even if you just step to the kitchen for something to drink or you take a bathroom break. If someone were to have access to your machine, they could wreak enough havoc that you have to find computer help to get issues resolved. So, only take your password off if you are certain this won’t be an issue.

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