Sinister new blackmailing email phishing scam making waves

There’s a new email phishing scam making the rounds and it’s not a nice one. Based on blackmail and reading quite sinisterly, this recent email is scaring some users. We have seen a few examples of this email here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey and we don’t like it. The email is scaring those … Read more

Million users hit by Google Docs phishing scam

  Last week around a million Google Docs users were hit with a very clever phishing scam. While Google has taken down the offending app and closed the loophole that allowed it to happen, there are still risks with the platform. So what was the attack all about and what do you look for to … Read more

How to identify and avoid the five most common phishing attacks

Phishing is an insidious attacks that seek to part you from your personal data or your money. At their previous height, they were targeting individuals in order to steal their identities or their bank account details. Now the prime target is smaller businesses. Those organizations who don’t have the luxury of an IT team and … Read more