How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive

When your computer crashes, there is a real fear of losing important files and documents. However, it is possible to recover lost files regardless of whether the computer hardware is broken or there is the presence of malware. There are several different types of data recovery software in addition to steps you can take to … Read more

Does Google Stadia mean the end for games consoles?

If you saw or heard Google’s presentation last week and the announcement of Google Stadia, you’re likely to be as excited as I am. But what about Microsoft and Sony? With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two on the way, should they be worried? In a word, yes. Google Stadia in theory at least, could … Read more

How to use dating apps without giving too much away

Do you know how to use dating apps without giving too much away? Know how to put yourself out there while maintaining a semblance of privacy? Not many people do which is why I put this guide together. Dave’s Computers in New Jersey are fierce supporters of online privacy and firmly believe we should be … Read more

Sinister new blackmailing email phishing scam making waves

There’s a new email phishing scam making the rounds and it’s not a nice one. Based on blackmail and reading quite sinisterly, this recent email is scaring some users. We have seen a few examples of this email here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey and we don’t like it. The email is scaring those … Read more

Judge rules biometrics are now protected the same as passwords

If you purposely use a PIN or password to unlock your phone or computer because law enforcement could compel you to unlock biometric locks, now is a good time to rejoice. A judge ruled last week that biometric security is protected under the Fifth Amendment just like passwords. The original provision forced both Apple and … Read more

How to disable autoplay videos

I love the internet. I live on it, research on it, buy stuff on it, talk to the world on it and run a business through it. I also hate certain aspects of it. I hate how ads are managed and I hate it when web administrators force a video to play on the page … Read more

What is real time ray tracing and is it worth the money?

If you have been keeping up with developments, you will likely know that Nvidia has released some new graphics cards in the RTX20X series that feature real time ray tracing. This feature is making huge waves in gaming right now but comes at a cost. So is it worth jumping on the bandwagon right away … Read more

What is fake news and how can you identify it?

While not specifically about fixing computers, all of us here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey are concerned about the prevalence of fake news and the effects it has on decisions we make. As it is everywhere online, I thought it might be a good idea to help you identify fake news so you can … Read more

Black Friday 2018 survival guide

Black Friday is a curious thing. It began as an excuse for stores to offer huge discounts after Thanksgiving to start the buildup to Christmas. Now it has taken on a life all of its own and is gradually becoming a worldwide phenomenon. That’s why we here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey have put … Read more