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If you use one of these websites, you need to change your password now!

Hacking is nothing new and the prospect of losing your account details is something we should all prepare for. However, a huge haul of accounts have just been found for sale on the dark web, 620 million of them. Taken from a bunch of websites over the past year, the account details are enough to […]

You may have seen or heard about Cryptojacking over the past few months and it being identified as an emerging threat this year. What is Cryptojacking and should you be worried about it? Here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey, we like to keep up to date with threats like these. It helps us help […]

The latest in a long line of hacks, the popular Q&A site Quora is the latest company to lose data. Last week it came to light that over 100 million users have potentially had their login details hacked and are presumably now for sale on the dark net. As Dave’s Computers is dedicated to helping […]

If you read ‘How to harden your home router for maximum security’, you will already know that most home routers have some work to do to be truly secure. One thing I mentioned in that piece was about disabling port forwarding. Today I’m going to go a little more into why that is necessary. The […]

Router hardening is an IT security term that essentially means locking it down for maximum security. There are some simple ways to protect your home network from intrusion that involve nothing more than changing a couple of settings on the router. As most routers provided by your ISP are inadequate when it comes to security, […]

Here at Dave’s Computers, we often advocate using a VPN service whenever you go online. To us it’s a no-brainer and something we do automatically. We were asked the other day by a customer in our New Jersey computer store just why we were so in favor of them. That prompted this post. If one […]