Numerous Microsoft Patches in One Month

Companies like Microsoft release patches and updates regularly to fix different little issues that may come up with the operating system or other software. Usually, these patches only come out on occasion, but the month of October has been a busy time for Microsoft especially. These computer support patches are actually critical, and that means you should consider them an absolute must for your own machine.


The first of the critical Microsoft computer support patches was released in early October and it is designed to take care of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. This vulnerability could actually be an access point for hackers to use Internet Explorer on the same level as the computer owner. This patch is for all versions of Internet Explorer. You should download and implement the patch even if you choose to use another Internet browser simply because you do still have Internet Explorer on your computer.


The next of the critical patches already released this month by Microsoft has to do with the framework. This computer support patch stops a hacker from sending specialty URL requests to the .Net application on your computer. This is another very important security patch and it should most definitely be downloaded on your machine.


This critical patch actually works to resolve a couple of different vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. It is another security issue. The first of these issues has to do with the core system of Windows called Win32k.sys. The second has to do with the Windows kernel mode and how it works with TrueType fonts.

There are some concerns over this patch because when it was first released and pushed to computers, quite a few users immediately saw the Blue Screen of Death error. The patch has been pulled and then reinstated since then, but there is still some concern among computer help professionals. If you are installing it on your private computer, just be aware that things could  go wrong. If you are on a work computer, allow the IT professionals to make the decision.

These critical patches are only the beginning for this month. In addition, Microsoft has released four other important level patches that should also be downloaded to the computer. The company isn’t the only one putting a lot of patches out in October. Other companies that have done the same include Oracle, Adobe, and Google. Several of these from other companies are reported as critical as well, making them highly important for the security of your computer.  For some reason, it seems like October is the month for patches.

If your computer states that new patches and updates are available, it is usually the best idea to go ahead and download them. However, if they cause any types of problems or if you don’t know how to download the patches, you can always get professional computer support. You can get that support from We offer remote support for many different types of computer issues that you may encounter.

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