Cyber Security Tips You Need to Remember

Cyber security tips often scrape the surface of what it means to be a sitting duck online. However, for a Bridgewater, NJ business that uses technology, keeping up with the latest cyber security threats is something that you absolutely need to do, no matter what. Remember that your cybersecurity absolutely needs to be your first … Read more

Top tips for generating secure passwords

We use passwords for everything. Our online accounts, social networks, web app logins, computer logins, phones, cloud storage, banking, shopping and a whole lot more. When the loss of a password can mean losing data, money, personal details or worse, it makes sense to make that password a good one. As part of a data … Read more

Asus PC hijack – What you need to know

If you own an Asus PC and have been reading recent headlines, you may be a little worried. So what’s the story and do you really need to be concerned? Dave’s Computers investigates. The story broke in March that potentially millions of Asus computers had been unwittingly infected with malware. The ShadowHammer malware was sneaked … Read more

How to work safely and efficiently from home

Today’s post is another one prompted by a Dave’s Computer customer. This time it was a woman who had decided to leave corporate life behind and go freelance. She wanted to know what she needed to be able to work from home securely and how to back up her data so she didn’t lose client … Read more

How to use dating apps without giving too much away

Do you know how to use dating apps without giving too much away? Know how to put yourself out there while maintaining a semblance of privacy? Not many people do which is why I put this guide together. Dave’s Computers in New Jersey are fierce supporters of online privacy and firmly believe we should be … Read more

Why everyone should use a password manager

Monday’s post about a huge trove of accounts for sale on the dark web should have prompted many of you into checking over your account security and changing any account where you use the username and password in more than one place. If you’re anything like me, you have many dozens of logins and cannot … Read more

What is Cryptojacking and should you be worried?

You may have seen or heard about Cryptojacking over the past few months and it being identified as an emerging threat this year. What is Cryptojacking and should you be worried about it? Here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey, we like to keep up to date with threats like these. It helps us help … Read more