Types of Malware Impacting Basking Ridge, NJ Businesses

You have likely heard the phrase “malware” used then discussing cyber security and computer repairs. But the question we hear all the time is this: “Just what is malware and how does it impact my computer?” The truth is that there are different types of malware that could be impacting you. Too often, we throw … Read more

Four common hard drive problems and how to fix them

We tend to store everything on our phones and computers. The humble hard drive has quite the responsibility keeping all that data safe and accessible. That makes it very important to know what’s wrong if you’re having hard drive problems and how to fix them. That’s what this page is all about. If you’re having … Read more

Top tips to avoid being caught by ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most insidious types of malware on the internet. It sneaks onto your system, secretly encrypts your files and then demands a Bitcoin payment in return for giving you the unlock key. Even then, there is absolutely no guarantee that the hacker will unlock your files even if you pay. Ransomware … Read more

Ransomware Spreading Fast – How to Keep Safe with IT Services

New reports have risen and there is a new concern over a dangerous computer malware program that is wreaking havoc on computers around the world. Known as the TorrentLocker ransomware scam, this attack has now attacked,encrypted, and damaged an estimated 285 million files on thousands of computers. At Dave’s Computer we understand how important computers … Read more

Android, Windows, Mac, Risk of Bash Bug

Usually, a computer virus only affects one type of computer or device, but that isn’t the case with a virus floating around out there known simply as Bash Bug. This virus threatens millions of people who use computers, Internet routers, Android devices, Windows devices, and even machines and mobile units with the Apple operating system. … Read more

Mac Computers Finally Catch a Virus

For many years, people have believed Apple products to be impervious to viruses and other forms of malware. However, that certainly no longer holds true thanks to the iWorm, which appears to have affected 17,000 Mac users. Originally, the iWorm used the popular social networking service,, to get into computers, but it seems to … Read more

Viral Video Means Computer Repair

It seems like there is always a new scam or virus to crop up every single time the last is caught by computer repair services. The new one, which hit Facebook and other social networking sites in early August, includes a sordid video that gets people’s attention so that they don’t even realize they are … Read more

Computer Support for Facebook Color Viruses

Have you ever seen the same old links to cute animal pictures or funny videos being passed around on Facebook over and over again? It seems like the same posts that were popular a few years ago will disappear for a while and then make a comeback out of nowhere. Just like every other part … Read more