Windows 7 goes out of support in a year

Windows 7 may be regarded as ancient in technology terms but if the number of computers still using the OS we get to see here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey is anything to go by, it is anything but disappeared. Its time is nearly over though as Microsoft has announced it will go out of support on January 14 2020.

According to statistics, 35.6% of desktop users are still using Windows 7. That is surprising given the free upgrade Microsoft offered with Windows 10. Many companies were slow to change as testing and compatibility had to be proven before making the switch. However, a good percentage of those will be home users.

Whether you use Windows 7 at home or at work, you now seriously need to consider upgrading to Windows 10. Dave’s Computers can help.

What does End of Support actually mean?

When a vendor says a product will reach End of Support at a given date, what does that actually mean? It essentially means that Microsoft will stop releasing security updates for it. It also means third-party vendors will stop guaranteeing compatibility with it. The core operating system will still work and any existing products will likely still work but they won’t be updated.

It also means any future updated from vendors will not be designed to work with Windows 7. This may not be an issue for compatibility but isn’t ideal when you’re running a business.

The other element of ‘end of support’ is hardware. Any hardware upgrades you make to a Windows 7 computer after 2020 will not carry any guarantees of compatibility. You will be able to continue to use your existing hardware and may be able to use future hardware but there will be no guarantees. Hardware drivers may become an issue too.

For the average home user, this isn’t a problem. If your computer works fine now, it will likely work fine in a year’s time. However, that can potentially compromise security with the lack of updates and any security software you might use after that date.

Windows 10 upgrades

Now is a good time to upgrade to Windows 10. It has had a couple of years to iron out the worst of its bugs. More hardware and software than ever is fully compatible. Most IT techs and certainly us here at Dave’s Computers have had a couple of years to get to know its quirks and how to fix most issues.

We would regard ourselves as Windows 10 experts. We see it every day, we work with it, fix issues with it, upgrade to it and generally make it dance to our tune. If you’re waiting to update to it, now is as good a time as any. You missed the free upgrade but cost is reasonable and it can work on all kinds of hardware.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 now Windows 7 is reaching end of life. We can help. Visit Dave’s Computers in New Jersey to discuss your options!