Windows 7

How to prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

Despite Windows 10 having been around for a couple of years now and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for many more, I still know a few people sticking with their Windows 7 computer. Unfortunately, the time is now here for a new operating system and likely, a new computer too. The Windows 7 End of … Read more

Windows 7 goes out of support in a year

Windows 7 may be regarded as ancient in technology terms but if the number of computers still using the OS we get to see here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey is anything to go by, it is anything but disappeared. Its time is nearly over though as Microsoft has announced it will go out … Read more

Ten ways to troubleshoot your internet connection

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Ten ways to troubleshoot your internet connection We take the internet for granted and for good reason. We can access it anywhere, at any time from just about any device. Why would we not take it for granted? How about when it goes down or when your computer cannot connect … Read more

How to get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If you haven’t got it already, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a significant collection of bug fixes, improvements, feature updates and more. It’s a large download and takes a while to install but all updates from now on will likely require it to work properly. It brings Windows 10 up to version 1607 which … Read more

How Do I Find a Driver Version Number?

  Hardware on your computer uses drivers to work properly. These drivers are updated for a number of different reasons, such as malfunctions, new operating systems, new features, and security issues. If you have an old driver, then you may find that components of your computer will not work properly. Additionally, sometimes, drivers become corrupted, … Read more

Disable Devices in Windows 7

Device manager is designed to give you access to different pieces of hardware and ports on your machine. There are times when you may need to disable a device whether it is causing a problem or you suspect it may be. In either case, you don’t have to call in a computer repair service to perform … Read more

How to Reset Windows 7 Password

You wouldn’t be the first person that it happened to. In fact, you wouldn’t even be the hundredth. We all have moments where we forget passwords, and that is why there is always a way to reset things. If you have Windows 7 running on your machine, and you find that you have forgotten your … Read more

Access Device Manager Windows 7

If you are having trouble with hardware on your computer, then you may need to access device manager. This is the section where you can see all of your peripherals, including devices as well as adaptors and plug ins. Often, you can see right from this screen if a device is not working, and if … Read more

How to Locate a Service Pack Version

Over time, Microsoft releases something called service packs that update the operating system itself. Sometimes, when things go wrong with your computer, you will actually need to know what service pack you currently have on your machine. In fact, when you contact computer support professionals, they may need to know this as well. Of course, … Read more