5 Signs You Need To Update Your Computer

Updating your computer and software is one of the most important things you can do to ensure everything works properly. Since computers and software make up so much of the budget for companies, it is quite common for leaders to try to get as much out of their systems as they can. However, what most people don’t realize is that using antiquated systems or poor performing software can actually cost you more money than it saves.

Here are some of the signs that you aren’t doing the cost effective thing anymore:

1. Your Software or Computer Crashes At Least Once A Week

It isn’t uncommon for computer crashes to happen every now and again. In fact, it is something you just have to deal with. However, many people don’t realize how often they should expect their computers to crash. Most of us compulsively save our data, but that doesn’t make everything better.

If you have to deal with crashes of a computer, network server, or important piece of software, it is absolutely to time to look at how much time you are losing and consider an update to your computer.

2. Rebooting or Starting Up Takes More Than A Few Minutes

If you have to turn your computer on and then go get a cup of coffee, use the bathroom, or talk around someone else’s desk before your computer actually starts, you are wasting quite a bit of time and productivity. This means that you are very near to the end of your computer’s life and it is time to update or upgrade.

The best thing to do is call your IT service and have them run a test to see just what is going on – sometimes it is software that needs to be updated and other times the entire computer needs to be replaced. The good news is that you can do it while your computer is loading.

3. Sharing Files Has Become Very Hard To Do

For those of us who work in industries where you have to share information on a regular basis, such as a Quick Books file, an Excel File, or even just PDFs, a computer that needs to be updated may make it almost impossible. Why? If your software hasn’t been upgraded or updated, the file version may be too old for someone to open.

The reverse can also be true: you may not be able to open files because they are from the newer software. This happens frequently with Microsoft Office documents.

You have to update your software if it gets behind, or you will be the bottleneck and people start to notice. Whether it is customers who just want to get quotes for projects or companies that you are working with who need to get information. Do not be the reason for that bottleneck – update your computer.

4. You Have Trouble Adding New Software or Hardware – Update Now

Most people see that they need to update and then they do it by themselves without really thinking about what they are doing. If your company is looking to add a new printing system that allows the network of computers to collate, staple, or fold the papers at the same time, you may think that you are saving quite a bit of time.

However, you might quickly realize that not all of the computers will work with it. Then, you need to either get a different printer (that probably isn’t as great as the one you purchased originally) or upgrade all of the computers at the same time.

However, if you stay on top of computer upgrades and software updates, you won’t have to worry about it as much. You will be able to fix any small fires right away and not waste the time and effort of your staff.

If you start having trouble adding new software or hardware, it is time to update and then create a plan for updates.

5. Strange Noises, Wheezes, Bangs, Grinding, Or Other Noises Fill Your Office Space


This should be an obvious sign that something is going wrong with your computer system and you need to update it, but some people think that computers just make noises. However, if you hear those noises, you absolutely need to do something – it is about to die.

No matter what noises you hear, they are almost all not what the computer should be doing. If there is banging when you boot it up, a revving noise when you launch a program, or spinning noise that occurs randomly, you are getting warnings. Sometimes, these warnings can be fixed. Other times, you will need to make critical decisions.

Don’t ignore these things, or else tomorrow you just might not be able to use your computer at all, you may lose important data, or even worse. It just isn’t worth it!

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