FAQs On Data Recovery

Data recovery is one of the scariest things you don’t know about until it is too late. While most people don’t keep all that much on their laptops, businesses and organizations have years and years of important information stored on something that could fail at any given time.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a bunch of files – it can be one big file that was critical but it was deleted by mistake.

These things happen all the time and it can be quite frustrating to get your information back quickly, if you can get it back at all. However, data recovery is possible in some cases.

How much does data recovery cost?

There isn’t really a “one size fits all” answer here and we can’t even give you an estimate over the phone. The realities of data recovery are intricate and can require a bit of time before someone can even determine if they can help you.

As such, the cost of data recovery varies significantly. There are so many different types of hard disks, drives, USB drives, SD cards, and other storage options that require an IT professional to take their time when making an estimate or even providing an answer about if they can recover anything.

Is data recovery a lot of work?

Depending on the situation, data recovery can take quite a bit of work. Sometimes it can take just a few seconds. You are paying for the time, labor, and skills when you seek out someone to help with data recovery, so be sure to put everything into perspective.

Just like we can’t tell you how much data recovery will cost, we also can’t estimate how much work it will take without looking at your laptop or drive.

What is the data recovery process?

The process begins with an IT professional looking over your equipment to see if recovery is even possible. Once that is complete and you turn your device over to us, it can take a few business days to complete an evaluation and get it back to you. (If you have a flat rate IT plan with us, you will get it sooner.)

Once the data recovery specialists look at it and determine the next course of action, you should get a quote. We will tell you the cost and give you an estimate on the timeline.

Then, we get to work recovering what we can. We will work until we have exhausted all of our resources and recovered everything we could.

How long does it take to recover my data?

There is no set time, it can take a few minutes or a few weeks, depending on the level of complication. It can take as long as two weeks for certain companies, especially those that you have to mail your product to. Taking it to someone in your area will significantly cut back on the time you are away from your device.

Does the amount of data recovered change the price?

This is a common question and the answer is no – most often, the prices will be about the same because it requires the same amount of work.

Can I choose what data I get back?

Most customers probably don’t need to get everything on their devices back – for example, those silly memes you saved probably don’t mean as much to you as your family photos.

However, most data specialists won’t pick and choose the data to recover, they will recover everything that they can. Still, it is important to mention what data is the most important to you so that we can define our goals and helps us target the most important stuff first. These drives can be delicate and working on them can degrade them – so sometimes we have to lose some data to save other data.

7. How do I get my data back?

data recoer

Once you have paid for your services and we have discussed what was found, the data recovered will be placed on a new, healthy storage system and given back to you. In most cases, we cannot reload the data back onto the device that you gave us, mostly to protect you from having to go through the entire process all over again.

You can provide your own system for storage or we will include that in our price.

Once again, losing your data can be an absolute nightmare, especially for people who keep very important information on their computers. The best thing to do is plan ahead: have an IT company on retainer or as a monthly service so that you can get the help you need quickly.

At Dave’s Computers, our team of specialists has the skills and experience necessary to recover your personal data from all kinds of data storage devices. Not only that, but our recovery center is conveniently located in New Jersey so that you do not have to lose working time to shipping or travel.

We can recover deleted files from flash drives, thumb drives, external USB drives, hard drives/hard disks, RAID systems, and Apple / Mac devices. Regardless of the storage capacity, or the size of the device, you can depend on us to recover lost files and take care of your storage needs quickly and efficiently.

Our team takes pride in being the most experienced team of IT professionals in New Jersey. You can count on us to have solutions to problems that you may not have had luck with before. When it comes to data recovery in New Jersey, you simply cannot go to anyone better. We have technical support available to the public every day of the week: you’ll have the option to talk to an experienced technician if a problem arises.

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