Alternatives to Norton Antivirus

Many times, when you purchase a new computer, it comes with antivirus software pre-installed, and once the trial period runs out, you are asked to pay to protect your machine. In most cases, that software is Norton Antivirus. Some people think that this is their only option. However, ask any computer support professional and they will tell you that there are viable alternatives to this software giant, and many of them are just as good or even better.

So, can you protect your machine without having to buy a subscription? Some are paid and some are free, but here are a few of the best alternatives you could choose.


Avast! Is a free antivirus program that has shown to be extremely good at offering protection. In fact, thanks to its superior capabilities and sleek interface, it has easily rivaled the big guns like Norton and McAfee. Avast! Includes scheduled scanning capabilities, a real time shield and anti-spyware protection. There are three different versions available: one free and two paid. You can find them at


AVG has been on the market for some time now and it offers specialty services that can be especially appealing. For example, it can scan emails before you open them for instant protection. It also includes automatic updates and alerts if a threat has been found on your machine. As with Avast! AVG has paid and free versions although the free option is perfectly viable for home computer use. You can find out more about your options at

Avira Antivir

This software is completely free for the basics, and even though it is not nearly as popular as the last two, it is actually a fairly easy program to use. It has a simple computer interface, which can be especially appealing to people who aren’t so computer savvy. The free version doesn’t include email scanning or anti-phishing options, but a paid premium version is available with those capabilities. You can get more information about this software through

Microsoft Security Essentials

For those users who have newer versions of Microsoft Windows, the company offers a security program that has a built in firewall as well as antivirus and antispyware controls. This download is completely free and has a very simple interface. It will walk you through getting everything set up. If you are interested in Microsoft Security Essentials, then you can download it at

Most people have heard of Norton Antivirus, and many people assume it is the best option for protecting their machine. While it is a good program, it is also very expensive and there are just as good options for either free or for a much lower price tag. The four choices above offer plenty of quality protection and they all provide free versions that will protect your computer from spyware, viruses, and other types of malware. Be sure to check and determine whether or not they will scan your emails before choosing too. If you are having trouble making the choice or you need help installing, computer support services are available. If you are concerned that you already have viruses on your machine, then turn to for computer repair quickly and easily.


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