Internet Explorer vs. Chrome vs. Firefox

When you browse the Internet, what program do you use? Some people are very loyal to one brand for one reason or another. Others are open to the best option they could pick. If you are unsure what web browser you should be using and you want to avoid having to get computer support every time you don’t know how to do something, then consider choosing from one of the top three. Here is a breakdown of what Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox have to offer. This will help you make the right decision for your own web browsing preference.

Google Chrome

There’s a few reasons why so many people choose Google Chrome for their Internet browsing. It is fast, sleek, and great for supporting HTML 5. Other benefits of Chrome include a built in Flash player, a built in PDF reader, and quality security. It also includes a tab browsing system called “Panorama”, which makes organization much easier.  However, there is one main downfall of this browser. While it may be strong on security, it is weak on privacy. For example, if you want the browser to stop tracking your Internet use, then you have to go on a hunt for the “do not track” checkbox, which seems to be well buried in the options and settings menu, leaving many people to seek out computer repair services.

Internet Explorer

A few years ago, Internet Explorer seemed to be going the way of Netscape Navigator. People didn’t use it much and it was not keeping up with competition from Chrome and Firefox. However, things have changed extensively. The newer versions of the software are fast, sleek, and easy to use. Privacy and security controls are very strong and graphics acceleration is included. However, Internet Explorer has its downfalls as well: it doesn’t sync or use WebRTC and it is limited on what operating system it can work with. You may need computer help to determine if you can even use Internet Explorer because it only works with Windows 7 and 8.

Mozilla Firefox

Considered somewhat the baby of the group, Firefox isn’t really that old in the world of Internet browsers. In the beginning, it was considered almost a kitschy choice only picked by those who wanted to veer from the mainstream. However, Mozilla has moved forward with becoming one of the premier web browsers available. Features include a sleek design, a fully customizable browsing experience, and strong security as well as privacy. It also includes a built in PDF viewer. The main concern over this option is the lack of Flash support. Additionally, it doesn’t work too well with iOS (Apple) devices since it cannot sync.

So, how do you choose a browser? It’s really up to you based on the pros and cons that matter the most for your own Internet use. You can always contact computer repair services if you need more advice, and since they are all free, you can actually try out the three browsers to find the one you prefer. If you need help installing an Internet browser or help with the settings within it, feel free to contact today.

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