Avoiding Windows Viruses: A Small Guide

Viruses that affect computers aren’t that much different from viruses that affect humans. If you don’t keep your computer healthy, a virus can take it out in no time. There are many problems that can affect your computer, but a virus is one of the worst. The key to having a working New Jersey PC is avoiding Windows viruses. Avoiding Windows viruses can be easy if you are proactive, alert, and are willing to invest a little time and money. It is important to note that preventative computer care is easier and cheap than hospitalized computer care. Here is a few ways to avoid Windows viruses.

Surf Safe

One of the easiest ways to get a virus on your New Jersey computer, is to navigate to less than reputable sites on the internet. There are sites out there that are loaded with viruses; they are just waiting to eat your computer up. Some sites automatically download malware files when the page loads, while others start downloads when you click the content. Either way, you computer could be toast from careless web browsing. Pornography sites and video hosting sites are notorious for having malware pop-ups and one-click virus downloads. The best way to avoid the viruses is simply to avoid the site. Surf safe, you’ll be glad you did.

Watch Your Email

Email is a great tool, but it is fraught with dangers. Every time you enter your email to a contest, sign-up, or company subscription, it puts it on a list. All too often that list gets distributed among people that don’t have your best interests in mind. They will send you spam emails till you are blue in the face, but, some of them also send malware emails. The most effective virus emails pose as real emails from Ebay, Google, or FedEx. Usually they have “information” that you are supposed to download. Little do you know that their email payload is virus created to destroy your computer. Be safe with the emails you open and the files you download. Even if an email is from a close New Jersey friend, be wary, someone may have hacked their account, or they might have unknowingly forwarded a bad email.

Update Software

AntiVirus software is only as useful as it is new. In the war against viruses, the other team always seems to be getting bigger guns. The more harmful they get, the more protection you need. Make sure that your antivirus software is up to date, and that all of the most recent definitions are downloaded. Your New Jersey computer can only keep an edge if it stays updated. The worst mistake possible is of course not having any antivirus at all. There are a variety of free and costly antivirus programs. Sophos provides a great virus scanner for free. McAfee, Norton, and AVG are also noteworthy antivirus programs. To keep your New Jersey computer safe, download a good antivirus program and keep it updated.

Change Your Passwords

Hackers would like nothing better than to take hold of your accounts, plant malware in them, and do a load of mischief to others, in your name. The majority of passwords aren’t hard for a New Jersey hacker to crack. If you don’t want a hacker to be able to get ahold of your computer, through a remote program you have, make sure your passwords are safe and secure. It’s not enough to have capitals or even numbers. For your most delicate accounts, you should have a very complex password that has capitals, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. It is also good to have multiple passwords. If you have multiple accounts, for security purposes, make sure all of you passwords are different. If a hacker gains access through one password, they can have access to everything with that same password. And, last but not least, change your passwords. The best way to keep viruses from getting your passwords, is to change them. Change your passwords regularly; it will keep you secure, and it will keep them guessing.

Dont Do Anything Illegal

Some say that piracy and copyright infringement is a victimless crime. While it may not be hurting the producer’s or actor’s pay check, it is illegal and should not be engaged in. On a different note, it is not a victimless crime, if you are a victim. All too often, virus writers will put their destructive works on the web with the rather enticing illegal content. Then, you are the victim. So, even if you aren’t saying away from illegal content for moral reasons, you should for safety reasons.

Dont Get Bad Software

Everybody wants free software. No one wants to pay full price, so they look for alternatives. If you look for free software alternatives, make sure you do your research. You don’t want to download ‘crapware’ that could wreak havoc on your computer. Read reviews and do your research; your New Jersey Computer will be glad you did.

So, whether you are a social butterfly, or just getting the online news, it is important that you are careful where you go and what you do on the internet. That’s the easiest way to get a virus, and that the last thing you want your computer to have on it.

by David Molnar

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