Be aware of cold calls offering Windows or computer support

Christmas is my favorite time of year but it is also when the scammers and fraudsters come out to play. I have heard of a couple of people who received cold calls supposedly from a computer repair outfit and even pretending to be Microsoft offering to fix issues with the person’s computer. One type of call says Microsoft have seen issues with the computer and offer to fix it for free.

It’s a scam. All cold calls like these are scams. Don’t fall for them.

Windows and computer support

No computer support company or Microsoft will know how well, or not, your computer is working. Windows 10 does report a lot of data to Microsoft, but the health of the system is not something it tells them. As someone who owns a computer support company, I know for a fact that we cannot know whether your computer is behaving erratically or has a problem until you tell us.

Dave’s Computers in New Jersey and other outfits like us are how you get your computer fixed. We are good. In fact, we are very good but there’s no way on earth we can tell remotely whether your computer is working or not.

This is the holiday season and we want all our New Jersey customers to have the best Christmas possible. If you receive a cold call offering tech support, put the phone down. Don’t even dignify them with a response and don’t identify yourself or where you live. Record the number if there is one and report it.


  • Microsoft does not monitor the health of Windows or your computer.
  • Your ISP or PC vendor cannot monitor the health of your computer.
  • Computer repair companies cannot monitor the health of your computer.
  • No third party can ever know how your computer is performing unless you ask us to have a look first.
  • Windows Event Viewer contains many messages and errors. This is normal and definitely not something to worry about.

Companies can only remotely access your computer if you give them permission and allow them remote access. Otherwise they cannot see how Windows is performing or access Event Viewer to see errors. It’s a scam.

If you do have issues with your computer, bring it to someone you trust. Bring it over to Dave’s Computers in New Jersey and we will make sure everything runs perfectly.