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Be aware of cold calls offering Windows or computer support

Christmas is my favorite time of year but it is also when the scammers and fraudsters come out to play. I have heard of a couple of people who received cold calls supposedly from a computer repair outfit and even pretending to be Microsoft offering to fix issues with the person’s computer. One type of … Read more

Common IT support questions and the answers we give

When providing remote IT support, we here at Dave’s Computers deal with users of all skill levels. From experienced hardware engineers or software developers to those using a computer for the first time. We deal with them all and are happy to adapt our approach to suit each. Some questions come up more than others, … Read more

Top tips for delivering awesome remote support

Here at Dave’s Computers, we support lots of customers across the country. Some are close to our Hillsborough computer store while others are spread across New Jersey and further afield. Regardless of where the client is located, we deliver exceptional, consistent service to all of them. Delivering remote support isn’t the easiest job in the … Read more

Top ten most common tech support problems remote support can solve

There are dozens of common IT issues that remote support can handle. While it is preferable to be in front of the device when troubleshooting, with the right expertise and a little help from the user, most things are possible remotely. Many of our clients don’t live anywhere near our Hillsborough, New Jersey IT store … Read more

How remote support enables the agile business

Technology enables us to do what we need to do with the minimum of effort. It also allows us to be flexible, work anywhere and at any time. But if you don’t use a traditional office 9-5 model how can you ensure your systems are supported when you need them to be? By utilizing remote … Read more

Avoiding Remote Computer Support Scams

Remote computer support is very helpful because it means you never even have to take your machine anywhere to get it fixed. That saves you hassle, time, gas in your car, and headaches. With remote support, all you do is allow a computer professional access to your machine and then they can repair a number … Read more