Does Your Business Have a Data Recovery Game Plan?

If you are not worried about losing important data or backing up your businesses’ vital data on a regular basis, then you are nothing more than a ‘sitting duck,’ waiting for disaster to strike. The inevitable is going to happen – and you need a professional of NJ data recovery. Your business is going to lose important data one day, and in the wake, you are going to be left scrambling and trying to obtain the data once again. In short, you are going to be left without your important data, which could cost your company time and money. Yet that isn’t the worst that will happen.

Consider these facts for a moment:

  • Disasters are happening all around us.
    • 9-11
    • Katrina
    • Countless natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.
      • All occurring more times than we can count annually in the United States alone!
    • Criminal activity
      • Robberies, shootings, vandalism, etc.
    • Other disasters such as fires, flooding, etc.

It seems like every time you turn on your local news station, you are learning more bad news. A natural disaster over here, criminal activity in other location. What is keeping your data safe from these disasters?

Consider these facts as well:

  • 30% of all businesses that are victims of a major fire are out of business within one year.
    • 70% are out of business within five years.
  • 87% that lose access to their businesses’ data for over seven days?
    • They go out of business within a year.

The last fact brings us to the next point: if the hard drives in your company’s devices/workstations ‘give up the ghost,’ what will you do to retrieve the important data stored on it? Will you be able to obtain your data and use it the moment after the hard drive has failed? If you do not have a game plan in mind to back up your data regularly when one or more of these things occur, then you need to consider creating a plan for backing up important data. Here are a few of the most vital forms of data that you need to include in your back up plan:

  • Data crucial to:
    • Communication
    • Accounting
    • Sales
    • Operations and logistics of your business
    • Technology

Of course, if you have no idea what to back up, then you need to consider contacting one of the most trusted in hard drive data recovery in NJ: Dave’s Computers. With one quick call to our team, we will not only inform you as to what and how you should back up your data, but we will also provide you with the help you need to restore your data in the event that you lose access to your data as the result of a disaster, hard drive malfunction, or something else entirely.

Make no mistake: disaster is going to strike your business sooner or later. You need to have a data recovery ‘game plan’ to ensure that either your data is already backed up, or you have a simple way of recovering the data when you need it the most. Dave’s Computers can be that professional by your side that can easily get you out of these types of ‘sticky situations’ and more, so give the team a call today and let them know exactly what you need!

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