Is it Possible to Recover Data From a USB Flash Drive?

Here is the predicament you are in: you insert your USB flash drive into your computer, open the root folder of the flash drive, and discover that your data is missing from the drive! That important data that you need this instant? It is seemingly gone forever, and the worst part about it? You are in a terrible situation that is keeping you from accessing your all-important data. What exactly caused the data to disappear? There are a few reasons why your flash drive’s data has disappeared. Consult these reasons before contacting a professional that provides flash drive recovery in New Jersey:

  • Format error
    • Did you notice a pop-up that informed you that your USB flash drive is not formatted, thus forcing you to format the flash drive and lose your data?
  • Accidentally deleting your files
    • A ‘no-brainer’ reason for losing your files, but it happens to the best of us. If you accidentally deleted a few files from your USB flash drive when you connected it to the computer, then it is gone from the USB.
      • While you would think your data would be sent to your computer’s Recycle Bin, this is not the case. Instead, it is deleted directly from your flash drive without the option of deleting it permanently from your computer.
  • Pulling the flash drive from your computer before using the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option.
    • Did you pull your flash drive from your computer without using this option and now you cannot access your data? This is probably why.
  • Power failures
    • They happen to the best of us. If the power went out in your home/business while you were transferring data from the flash drive to your PC, then it could result in total data loss.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why your data has disappeared from your USB flash drive. The most important thing you can do currently is to stop using your USB flash drive until you can contact a professional that can recover the data. The reason? The more you use your USB flash drive, the more files are going to be copied over. This will erase the memory of the ‘deleted files’ from your USB flash drive forever, so again – do not use your USB flash drive until further notice!

With that out of the way, it is in your best interest to contact a New Jersey flash drive recovery expert, and the best team for the job? Dave’s Computers. With a quick call to our team of experts, you will learn that we can recover the ‘lost data’ from your USB flash drive, and the best news of all? Thanks to our team by your side, you are going to regain your lost files and be able to have them in your possession once again. Give us a call directly, and allow us to save the day today!

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