Choosing an Online Backup Service

Imagine your computer crashes. Something is damaged beyond repair even with the help of computer support services. Suddenly, your baby’s first year pictures are gone for good or that master’s thesis has completely disappeared. We all use computers to store a wide variety of things, like pictures, documents, work data, and much more. Losing all of that could be detrimental.

There is a simple way to avoid this problem, and computer repair professionals all recommend a good backup option. You could use an external hard drive, but you will have to remind yourself and back up data regularly. Online backup services resolve this problem because you can set them to automatically store your data, pictures, documents and everything else safely away in case something happens to the machine. If you decide to use online backups, you will need to choose a quality service. There are a few different online choices you have, so you should take some time to compare them and pick the right one for your computer.


Found at, it is considered one of the best options out there. It runs in the background on your computer, backing up all of your data, including pictures, videos, and music. It also works on Windows and OS X computers. It does cost a subscription of $60 a year for the basic, one computer home plan. Other subscription options cost up to $150 a year for one computer.


This backup service is not as well-known as Carbonite, but it has plenty of options. You can find it at, and it is available for Mac and PC computers as well. It includes unlimited storage so that you can back up as much data as you need to and it has an offline section that will encrypt your files. The basic account costs $5.00 a month, and if you pay for several months at a time, then you can get a discount.


CrashPlan isn’t nearly as well known, but it is a favorite of many computer support professionals. It will allow you to choose what you back up either on your computer or on your external hard drive if you would like. You can even back up other computers as long as they are on the same network. CrashPlan also has a one-click restore option for ease of use.  You can find it at and the cost is based on storage. For example, 10GB is $2.00 a month and you can get unlimited storage for $4.00 a month. There are other plan options as well.

Once you choose an online backup service, you can ensure all of your data is safe even if the machine stops working and you find out that computer help cannot resolve the problem. Computer support technicians can only do so much to repair machines, and some computers will need to be replaced. Online backup services will ensure you do not lose your files, documents, pictures, and videos.

If you have any problems with your computer, then consider contacting so that we can provide you online computer support for many issues that may arise.

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