Choosing an Online Storage Service

Storing data in the cloud can make your life easier. That’s because you can use it to send files to other people or even access your own information from different computers. Of course, if you decide to use online storage solutions, then you will need to pick the right service. You don’t have to get computer support to choose one though. Here are several of the most popular so that you can shop between them.

Amazon Cloud Drive

It works as an online storage solution that is connected to your Amazon account. You get 5 GB of free space and can purchase more. Additionally, Amazon Cloud Drive works with Windows and Mac computers as well as Android, iOS, and Kindle mobile devices.

Apple iCloud

This is the cloud storage option for Mac computer users and those who use iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. You get 5 GB free with this service as well. However, it is picky about what files you can upload and which ones will not work.


This company gives you two choices. You can pay $99 a month for unlimited storage and download capacity. Alternatively, you can stick with 10 GB of space for no charge. It works with Windows, Firefox, and Linux as well as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android mobile devices.


This cloud storage includes very few features and may be confusing enough that you need computer support. However, it does offer 5 GB of free storage and works with Windows and Mac as well as iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.


Probably one of the more popular options, Dropbox has been around awhile and has become a favorite of computer repair professionals as well as personal users. It offers 2 GB of free storage and allows for more storage space when you refer users and do other things. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux as well as mobile devices including Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry.

Google Drive

Google Drive can make life easier without computer help because it integrates with all other Google accounts. It took the place of Google Docs and it offers 15 GB of free storage and allows you to create files right within it. Google Drive works with Windows and Mac. It can also be accessed via Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS phones.


This cloud service is made by the same company that created LogMeIn and it uses something called DirectSync. This means files are synched on your computer instead of on their servers.  It comes with 5 GB of storage at no cost and it works with Windows and Mac, Android and iOS.

When you decide to choose cloud storage, consider these options. Most of them offer a free and paid version to choose from and they each offer different features. If you are confused, be sure to contact computer support for help in making the decision.

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