Using the Google Software Removal Tool

When you use Google Chrome, you could have trouble with malicious software attaching to the browser and then causing a variety of issues like slow performance, pop up ads, and other problems. Before you seek out computer help, consider using the Google Software Removal Tool. This tool could help you if you have something connected to Chrome that is causing you the aggravation.

What Is It?

The whole purpose of this tool is to get your Google Chrome browser working properly once again. Do you know what you do when your cell phone starts acting up too much? You may choose to do a factory reset, which will remove all user data and will put all apps back to how they were when the phone was first offered. With the Google Software Removal Tool, you can basically perform the same sort of reset on your web browser.

How to Use It

You likely will be able to use the tool without any computer support. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

  • In your start menu, right click on the word “Computer” or “My Computer” depending on which version of Windows you are using.
  • If you have a newer version of Windows, you may need to go to the Control Panel and choose System.
  • Look for something that says System Protection.
  • Click the button that says Create.
  • Name your restore point whatever you would like. By creating this, you won’t do any damage if you mess up when resetting Google Chrome. You can always restore your system to before you did this.
  • Go to this website and click Download Now.
  • Follow the steps to download the tool and then click run.
  • When the tool runs, it will let you know if it found any malicious software.
  • If it did find malicious software, you can click Remove.
  • Then, Google will ask you to reset your Chrome to clean out the browser and remove cookies.

Once you do this, you should notice a marked difference in how well Google Chrome works. Of course, if you run into trouble with any of these steps, you can always contact computer help to aid you in the process.

It Is Not Antivirus

Keep in mind that the Google Software Removal Tool is not an antivirus program. It will not protect your computer from malware. You should not depend on it to do anything other than remove malicious extensions, toolbars, and cookies that may be causing your machine problems. You also need to ensure you have quality antivirus software on your computer to protect it properly. Some of your options, which are free, include AVG, Avast!, Avira, and Malware Bytes.

If you have any problems that require computer help, then one option you could consider is remote support. To find out if remote support could work for you, then consider contacting today. We will be glad to address many of the problems that could develop on your machine, and we can do so remotely for your convenience.

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