Computer Repair when It Keeps Locking Up

No, there is no magic button that will freeze or thaw your computer, and there is no magic single solution that can resolve the problem either. A machine that locks up or freezes can be a big frustration, and you may not even know what is causing the issue. It may be something you could deal with on your own, or it may not be. Additionally, in some cases, you can get computer repair remotely if the freezes are connected to a software issue.

However, you should note that there are cases from time to time when a machine that is locking up and freezing may have a hardware failure. That’s not the common cause, though, and remote computer support can often locate the actual culprit.

Common Causes of a Freezing Machine

Let’s say you are doing work on your computer. You try to open a program and suddenly, everything freezes. You aren’t able to move the mouse and nothing will change on the screen. Sometimes, you can wait a few moments and it will start again. Other times, you have to reboot and possibly lose work you had open and not saved. Yes, it is an issue that can leave you ready to pull your hair out.

Sometimes, when your computer locks up, it will even come up with error messages. Since that message may be in programming language or code, you may not know what it means. That is one of the many reasons why you need computer help from the professionals.

Some of the things that could be causing your computer to freeze in this manner include:

  • Software that has lots of bugs
  • Software that hogs up the computer’s available memory
  • A virus or malware program on your machine
  • Programs that have not had the latest updates installed
  • Drivers that have gone bad or need to be updated
  • Operating systems that have bugs or issues and need to be updated or patched

Many of these issues can be resolved with simple updates, but getting to those updates may not be as easy as you think. A professional computer support technician will often be able to resolve the issue quickly. They may even be able to do so remotely.

What You Can Do

Of course, your first line of defense should be to install and run proper antivirus software. This will keep any malware from causing the issue. Additionally, you can be careful of the types of software you install on your machine. Try to find out if programs are memory hogs (things like Adobe Photoshop are notorious for this) and determine if you need to run them. Finally, always make sure your operating system is up to date. This is easy to do since your computer will let you know when updates are available, and it will even guide you through running those updates.

When your system starts locking up or freezing or if it is simply running slow, then you will need computer repair professionals. That is why you should consider contacting Dave’s Computers today. We will be able to offer remote repair for many different issues you may be having.

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