Computer Repair for Slow Machines

Recently, PC World published an article listing the ten most common computer problems that users face on a regular basis. The number one pick was a slow machine. Because there can be so many issues leading to this slowdown, people don’t know what to do about the problem or where to turn for computer repair.

The Frustration of a Slow Computer

If you have found yourself with a slow computer, you know the hassle that brings as well. Programs freeze up for seemingly no reason whatsoever. It takes a very long time for anything to load, and forget turning the computer on quickly. You might as well hit the power button and go do some chores because it is going to take a bit. Slow performance on a computer can be a frustration if you are casually browsing the web or uploading pictures to Facebook. If you need to do work on the computer, then this can be a serious problem.

There are a few different things that could be slowing your machine down, and getting computer support is definitely the right route to take in order to ensure your machine is running like new again. You can try a few things at home to speed the computer up, but if you delve too deeply in the workings of it, then you could actually worsen the problem.

The Possible Causes

Some of the most common reasons why computers slow down include:

  • Too many programs opening at startup
  • Adware, spyware, or viruses on the machine
  • Temporary files building up
  • A full hard drive
  • A fragmented disc
  • Programs that are redundant or unnecessary
  • Registry clutter from deleted files and programs
  • Other registry issues
  • SSD (solid state drive) fragmentation, congestion, and clutter
  • Old or obsolete drivers

While there are some of those things you can repair on your own, the best idea is to locate a professional computer help team to resolve the issues.

What You Can Do

While you cannot repair most of the above problems on your own without professional computer support, you can do a few things to keep your machine from slowing down in the first place. You can set up a scheduler that ensures disk defragmenter and scan disk run on a regular basis. This will help immensely. Additionally, you can install high-quality antivirus software on your machine to confirm it is protected from malware.

Choosing Remote Computer Repair

Issues that slow your machine down can often be handled without a computer technician even in front of it. Remote computer repair means that someone is able to diagnose the problems and fix them without you having to take the computer anywhere and wait to get it back. This means you won’t have the downtime you would otherwise and your computer will be repaired all the more quickly.

When you find that your machine slows down and you need computer repair, don’t hesitate to contact Dave’s Computers today. We offer remote support to get your machine up and running quickly again in no time.

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