Evernote – Most productive app

Very few productivity apps have been able to keep pace with the demands of the users, and yet iPhone’s ever-amazing Evernote app overshadows all the rest. Whether you are a busy mom who is always jotting down things to get next time you go for grocery shopping, an inspirational writer who saves motivational quotes and images while surfing the internet or a curious traveler who takes note of every single detail of the place he discovers, Evernote is the sanctuary you are looking for.

The most prominent feature of Evernote is its cloud storage and seamless synchronization across all your devices. This means that the notes you take on your iPhone or the changes you make to your previous notes, will automatically be synced across your computer and any other device you have installed Evernote on. And Evernote is not like any other ‘To-Do List’ app, it lets you create notes in the form of text, audio, video, voice memos, images and even web clips. Yet another outshining feature of Evernote is its search capability. Not only can it search text, but it also searches any text in the images you have taken. This means you can take photos of white boards, business cards, newspaper ads and Evernote will search through them too.

While Evernote definitely augments your productivity, what happens if your iPhone gets damaged or broken and you are not able to fully harness the power of Evernote since you cannot take your computer with you everywhere? The solution to all your worries is Dave’s Computers, where professional experts repair your iPhone in a minimal time of just 2 days.

Still even more features of Evernote can be useful if you decide to upgrade to Evernote Premium for just $5 a month or $45 a year. These features include the ability to search through PDF files, ability to save files locally and sync them later when you have access to internet connection and the ability to allow other users to make changes to your notes through the Evernote Web app

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