Setup Email on Iphone

The making of the iPhone was one of the major stepping stone of the twenty first century. Its popularity reached the peak almost immediately. One of the greatest assets of an iPhone is its ability to provide its users with access to the internet. Today our world is ruled by those who have control over the internet.

Making an email account is that step which leads to us being able to communicate with every family member, friend and acquaintance we have ever known anytime and anyplace. As access to the internet is available on the iPhone we can make an email account on our iPhones and use it at all times. An email account is required by practically everybody and is a necessity for those who work. This is because appointments, meetings etc are all scheduled through email. Many would say that they feel handicapped without access to their email accounts.

Following are the steps by which we can set up an email account on our iPhone:

1. Tap Settings on the iPhone home screen

2. Chose the option of Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Tap on Add Account

4. Choose the option of Other

5. Tap on Add Mail Account

6. Specify the following details;

– Name

– Email


– Description

7. Click on Next

8. Protocol should be selected. The two options are IMAP and POP3

9. Fill in the required details for Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server. These will be:

-Host Name

-User Name


10. Click on Next then Save and wait till checking is complete.

11. After being redirected to Mail, Contacts, Calendars enter your recently made account and go to Account Info.

12. Then locate and tap on Advanced.

13. We then need to choose additional settings. For IMAP we need 143, without SSL and 993, with SSL. For POP3 you need 110, without SSL and 995, with SSL

14. Ifneeded add additional settings and then click on Don.

It is a miracle that something so advantageous can be achieved so easily and within a short space of time.

So enjoy email service on your iPhone and feel free to contact Dave’s Computer in case of any problem with your iPhone as we will get it repaired in just 2 days.

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