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FAQs On Data Recovery

Data recovery is one of the scariest things you don’t know about until it is too late. While most people don’t keep all that much on their laptops, businesses and organizations have years and years of important information stored on something that could fail at any given time. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be … Read more

How to prevent data loss due to ransomware

One of the most ‘popular’ causes of data loss is ransomware. Here at Dave’s Computers, many of the data recovery requests we see are from virus or malware infections, especially ransomware. It is one of the worst types of attacks on the internet and a cause of a lot of angst for computer users. They … Read more

Do you really need to backup your data?

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Do you really need to backup your data? I was asked this question last week and it got me thinking. A client came into the store and asked about data recovery and how effective it was. We discussed hard drive reliability, MTBF (mean time before failure) and a range of … Read more

Securely deleting files from a solid state drive

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Securely deleting files from a solid state drive You may remember back in a previous data recovery post ‘How to securely delete files from your hard drive’, I mentioned that SSDs (Solid State Drives) work differently to platter-based hard drives and that the usual techniques of wiping data do not … Read more

Sure signs you need to call the data recovery experts

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Sure signs you need to call the data recovery experts If you don’t have the luxury of in-house IT staff, how do you know when you need a little expert help? While prevention is always better than the cure, there will be occasions when you lose data to physical or … Read more

How to achieve Data Recovery

Data loss – whether it be business or personal – can happen at the most inconvenient time in the most unexpected way. Your computer suddenly crashes when a virus sneaks its way in even though you thought you were protected. Maybe your hard drive fails. Hard drives do not have an infinite lifespan and can … Read more

Why You Should Use a Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

If you’re hard drive has died and you’re trying to recover deleted files, you’ve probably thought about performing a hard disk drive data recovery using some of the popular software available on the internet. Sometimes that software works fine and you’re able to recover files from the disk. However, problems arise when that software doesn’t work. In … Read more