Quick Computer Support Tips: Finding Your Windows 8 Product Key

Let’s say something went wrong with your computer and you need to reinstall Windows 8. Everything is going good so far in the installation, but then the computer asks for your product key and you have no idea where it is. Whenever you install almost any type of software to your computer, you do need that product key, but you wouldn’t be the first person to lose it. If you need it to install Windows 8, and you cannot place your hands on it, there are a few different ways you may be able to access it without having to contact computer support.

To begin with, look for your email confirmation where you purchased Windows 8. If you still have that email, then the product key should appear right in it. You shouldn’t need any computer help to search your emails, but if you do, a professional should be able to help you find the archived email you need. If this doesn’t work, then try the next step.

Consider using a product key finder program. This program will be able to go through your Windows registry and find the product key that was used when you originally installed Windows 8. This will only work if you were using a valid, proper product key, but it should have no problem opening it. Contact a computer support service if you need help choosing this type of software.

If these two options don’t work, then it may be time to contact a computer repair service. If Windows 8 has already been on your computer and it was a valid copy, then a computer support professional should have no problem helping you locate the product key.

If you are able to locate the product key, you will need to make sure you write it down specifically and exactly so that you will have it available when you need it. The product key will have 25 letters with four different dashes, so it looks like this:


You need to write it down just as it appears, whether it has letters or numbers. Make sure to pay attention to any capitalization as well. Once you have the product key written down, do not get rid of it. If you ever need to reinstall Windows, you will need it again and you certainly won’t want to have to contact computer support yet again because you lost that product key time after time.

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It can be hard to keep up with software product keys, but this is important information to keep on hand. Whenever you need to reinstall that software, you will have to enter that product key again. However, if you lose the number, it isn’t the end of the world. There are steps you can take to recover the information. If you go through the steps and you are still having difficulties then a computer support service will be able to help you. Whatever problem you may be having, contact us at 908-428-9558 for assistance.

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