Windows 8

Computer Help: Why Do a Windows 8 Clean Install?

If you plan on upgrading to Windows 8, then you can just go straight from the operating system you have to this new one. However, some people prefer to do a clean install, which means removing the old operating system and essentially starting from scratch. This is technical, by computer help professionals, considered the best … Read more

How to Do a System Restore

Let’s say you install a new piece of software and then your computer starts acting up. You try to uninstall the software but something goes wrong. You have a problem and you aren’t sure what to do about it. Before you contact computer help professionals, keep in mind that there is a solution to your … Read more

Computer Support Tips: Bypass Windows 8 Start Screen

When you upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will notice some big differences. One of these differences is the introduction of apps. Apps allow you to do more with a computer and they almost have a mobile feel to them, like things you are used to on your smart phone or tablet. To … Read more

Computer Repair: Run a Command Line System Restore

There may be times when you  need computer repair help and have to restore your computer to an earlier date, just because something specific is causing a problem. It could be that new software is an issue or a patch for software you already have is the culprit. In either case, a computer repair system … Read more

Computer Help: Shutting Down Windows 8

If you have Windows 8 and you haven’t upgraded to Windows 8.1, then you may find it fairly hard to shut down your computer and find yourself needing computer help. The update to this operating system added back a button to make shutting down easy, but the original Windows 8 can be somewhat difficult, especially … Read more

Computer Help: Start Windows 8 Safe Mode

Safe mode allows you to perform various diagnostics on your computer, and when something is wrong with the machine, this is a good place to start. Just ask any computer help service. If you feel that you have a virus and you cannot get a virus scanner to locate it, then safe mode will often … Read more

Computer Support Tips: Create a Windows 8 Recovery Drive

When you create a recovery drive in Windows 8, you can use this to reach advanced startup options when something is going wrong. These advanced options include command prompt, system restore, automatic repair, refresh PC, and more. This can provide you a way to diagnose problems with your computer so that you don’t necessarily have … Read more