Fix Windows 10 Time

Microsoft is making the push from Windows 7, 8, or even 8.1 to Windows 10 by a “free” upgrade found in Windows update. The update which is supposed to provide better experience for you the computer user, instead it is causing headaches such as blue-screens, crashing, slowness and more…

One of the things we noticed is there is a common issue with the time not working properly. There isn’t a “fix” yet for the Windows time issue however the steps below will help correct it if it appears to be not working right.


  1. Press Windows key and the letter “R
  2. Type the phrase:     services.msc   in the box and click ok
  3. Now scroll down the list of service names and left click on Windows Time.
  4. Now Right click and then select Properties.
  5. Now we want to change the Startup type from it’s current setting to Automatic
  6. If the service says “Not running” right click and select “start

Windows 10 time issue fix it


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